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Article Magazine Template: Make a Good-Looking Magazine

Is writing in a magazine easy? The answer is “no”. You need to notice visual details, content, and of course cover design. You need to make them well-balanced. If you want to make good writings in a magazine, you are suggested to use an article magazine template. This customizable PSD design template is available in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Apple Page, and Publisher. Thus, you can customize this printable article magazine template with a certain app you want. Make sure you use an app that is compatible with the format of this template.

articel magazine free download psd

Most Downloaded Kinds of Article Magazine Template

In PSD, there are a few kinds of article magazine template printable that most people download based on their needs. Here they are.

  1. Business magazine

If you write a magazine that contains an article about the business, this PSD template free is the best choice for you. It provides a well-designed cover and well-ordered draft to write content. For the cover, you can put a big picture on it. Besides, you can write the title and additional information in a unique font.

  1. Fashion magazine

Everybody knows that fashion magazine becomes one of the most favorite magazines to write. Not only women, but men also like this kind of magazine. If you have a duty to write such a magazine, you should try to use this template. This template is suitable to make a good-looking magazine with a stunning cover. Besides, this template also provides a modern and professional font that will make your article look attractive.

  1. Free cooking magazine

Nowadays, some people need to know how to cook well. In this condition, they need to find free cooking magazines to learn. If you want to make such a magazine, don’t forget to use this template free PSD. You can make use of it to design both the cover and content of it well.

  1. Travel magazine

Do you want to inspire someone else about traveling? If so, you can make a travel magazine for them. Before you start making this magazine, make sure you download this free PSD template. After that, you can just customize both cover design and the content as well. For the cover, you can attach a picture of a beautiful destination. Thus, the readers will be curious about knowing the content.

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The Superiorities of Sample Article Magazine Template

If you want to know the superiorities of this free template in PSD, you can check out the explanation below. Here are two best superiorities of this template.

  1. Beautifully designed

After seeing samples of this customizable PSD template, you must realize how well the design of this template is. The cover has a beautiful background. It still gives you a wide space to put attractive pictures and write texts. It also offers a neat draft to write content.

  1. Easily editable

With a few formats provided for this template, including MS Word, you can easily edit it. You can dismiss a certain detail that is not suitable for your needs. Also, you can add a few details to beautify the design of your magazine.

articel magazine template free psd

That is all about the article magazine template sample to share with you. If you want more information and samples, visit PSD now and get your preferred template.

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Article Magazine Template Sample

articel magazine example psd design

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