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Articles Newspaper Template: Write Down Your Feelings Freely

Hello people! Do you need the articles newspaper template? It will be useful for people who want to express their feeling. So, they can present them as an article to write everything in their thought. To make it more attractive, you should make this printable articles newspaper template in a great design. Then, to make it true, you can get the samples of this template in the following information.

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5 Top Samples of the Articles Newspaper Template

In this kind of newspaper template, you will know the main samples of this free PSD template. Are you curious about them? Here are the samples.

  1. The template of an example newspaper article

What can you describe with this free template in PSD? Actually, you can download this template in the premium version. In the first newspaper template, you can recognize that it tells the financial news. For the design, this template is completed with a lot of thought. It also has separate space for putting in the article headlines and the content. Moreover, this newspaper template is available in different styles and fonts.

  1. The template of an amazing newspaper article

In the second sample articles newspaper template, you will see that the cover image of this template looks attractive. Why can it be like that? It is because the cover uses the colors combination of blue and black. Here, there will be a large image that forms the background and is also completed with the text on it.

  1. The template of newspaper article format

What about this template free PSD? It allows you to download this template with many images. Why does it look like? Yea, you need to know that this specific newspaper format will focus more on the images than the text. In this newspaper template, you may add a variety of images. In addition, you will find this template in black and white colors for the background.

  1. The template of a blue background newspaper article

The next customizable PSD template applies blue color for the background. This newspaper will be perfect for weekend papers or such as tabloids. It is because decorated with a bright blue background. You will find 24 pages in this newspaper template. Nicely, it allows you to design this template based on your desire with any images and text.

  1. The template of newspaper article example

How about this last articles newspaper template sample? Beautifully, it is classified into a unique way of writing the article. Why is it so? The reason is that you can add a colorful and meaningful image under the name of the newspaper. After that, just write the headline and the body of the article.

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How to Write a Newspaper Article

If you want to write this PSD template free, you need to follow these steps below. So, let’s check them one by one!

  1. Write an outline

For the first step, you have to write an outline. Please make it in good order! Thus, it will be organized well.

  1. Review the research

Then, before writing this free download PSD template, you need to review the research first to get a fact. After that, don’t forget to make a note about it!

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Those are the resume of the articles newspaper template printable. Just make the template when you need it!

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Articles Newspaper Template Sample

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