10+ Artist Invoice Template

Artist Invoice Template: Various Form You Can Choose

Hello everyone! Do you need to make an artist invoice template? If the answer is true, it is suggested for you to follow this useful information. Completely, this kind of invoice template is provided in various form designs. So, here, it allows you to choose one of the template kinds that you want to create. Well, if you want to get more information about this printable artist invoice template, just focus on it nicely!

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5 Kinds of the Artist Invoice Template

This invoice template will offer 5 kinds of the template that you may choose. If you need it, just follow this free PSD template in detail!

  1. The artist invoice of teaching

In this invoice template, you need to write some main aspects. Those aspects of this sample artist invoice template are such as the template title, invoice date, name, address, phone, email, and invoice receiver. There are also dates of service, teaching artist fees description, hours, rate, total, materials description, quantity, unit price, total due, and librarian authorization.

  1. The template of printable artist invoice

The second free template in PSD tells about printable artist invoices. Then, the components that you should include are the title, invoice date, number, company name, receiver’s name, address, phone number, and website. The others are the description of the artwork, quantity, rate, total, signature, payment method, also terms and conditions.

  1. The template of makeup artist invoice

How about this template free PSD? What can you infer with this invoice template? Here, you will find the important elements of the title, invoice to, invoice number, invoice date, and due date. There are also service details, unit price, discount, price, total, tax, terms and conditions, person’s name, company name, phone number, address, and email.

  1. The form template of artist invoice

Then, the other artist invoice template sample will show the invoice form. In this template, what can you find? Yea, there will be the components of artist’s and host’s name, artist fees, and artist expenses. The first component covers the planning observation days, residency days, final payment of residency and total fees. For the second one, it contains the mileage, expense lodging, meals expense, payable to. address, signature, and date.

  1. The template of artist services confirmation

What about this last customizable PSD template? Actually, it tells the confirmation of artist services. Here, you will see the main elements of the title, artist, service date, host site, type of service, materials, and host site representative. Besides, there is also the artist invoice, the fee for service, total due, artist signature, and date.

artist invoice template template free word

Important Things to Remember in an Artist Invoice

In this part, you will know some important things that you need to remember in this PSD template free. So, what are they? Here they are.

  1. Love your art

First, please love your art! It means that you will think that how much you reward yourself with the material things. It is related to the salary that will let you buy anything you want.

  1. Develop the art

This free download PSD also suggests you develop the art by improving your talent. Don’t be ashamed to always learn everything!

artist invoice template word template free

This is the artist invoice template printable that you can learn. Try it well!


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Artist Invoice Template Sample

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