10+ Artist Management Contract Template

Artist Management Contract Template: Make a Great Deal

Have you ever heard about an artist management contract? It will be shared more in this artist management contract template. An artist management contract is also well known as a contract between an artist and a manager. Commonly, they make the contract to get the management services. Thus, the contract can be defined as a legally bound agreement and give details of the deal between the parties. Therefore, to know more about this printable artist management contract template, just pay attention well!

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5 Types of the Artist Management Contract Template

You need to know that this contract template provides some form types that are mainly created by the parties. Are you curious about those types? Let’s find them in detail in this template free PSD!

  1. The agreement template of artist management

For the first sample artist management contract template, you can know that this contract template is available in the format of Word. You should see that this kind of contract template includes essential aspects. Those are such as the contract title, agreement date, name of parties, position, address, and background.

  1. The agreement template of standard artist management

Then, what about the second free template in PSD? Actually, it will show you the standard management agreement. For the elements in this contract template, there will be the names of artists, group name, agreement date, and manager’s name. There are also contact info, city, state, and appointment.

  1. The contract template of free artist management

Furthermore, the other artist management contract template sample is about free artist management. This contract template includes some significant aspects like the agreement date, name of parties (artist and manager), addresses, witnesseth, and the agreements list.

  1. The contract template of long term artist management

What can you find in this free PSD template? Exactly, this agreement template example contains some detailed contracts in a list form. For this template, the artist and the manager will have some agreements or deals that are shown in a clear explanation. Thus, they will understand the content in this contract template well.

  1. The contract template of the artist

In this last PSD template free, you can get the information that this contract template is classified into a well-organized contract. When you use this kind of template, you can customize it easily. Besides, you can also focus on the terms and conditions of the contract.

artist management contract template template for word

Steps to Create an Artist Management Contract

When you need to make this customizable PSD template, you should follow these steps below. Here are available for you.


  1. Identify the parties

The first thing that you have to do is identifying the parties who are involved in the contract.

  1. Write the management fee

Here, you have to mention the compensation of the management for the services.

  1. Divide the labor

This step in the free download PSD template means that you should outline the job expectations that both parties have.

  1. Write the term of the contract

It covers the length of the agreement and for how long is it valid.

  1. State breach of contract

It can happen when the parties do not fulfill the expectations in the contract.

  1. Add review and signature

Please review the contract and then don’t forget to sign it!

artist management contract template customizable word design template

That is the reference of the artist management contract template printable. Learn it well!


artist management contract template in word

Artist Management Contract Template Sample

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