10+ Artist Performance Contract Template

Artist Performance Contract Template: Agreement to Have an Event

An artist performance contract template can be defined as an agreement that is made between an artist and a manager. They have a contract to make a deal in holding an event or performance. To make this printable artist performance contract template, you need to know the form and main elements in it. Therefore, this information will help you to provide some examples that are commonly used. So, pay attention to them well!

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5 Examples of the Artist Performance Contract Template

This performance contract template will tell you some main examples of the different templates. Do you want to recognize those examples? Just check them out in this free PSD template!

  1. The performance of the standard contract for life

The first template free PSD shows the standard contract template. There are some components that you have to include. They are the contract title, hirer, artist or bandleader,  agreement to engage artist, performance venue and times, travel, transport, accommodation, and meals. Besides, there is also confirmation of performance, cancellation of a performance, payment, and signed.

  1. The agreement of live performance

The next sample artist performance contract template is about the live performance agreement. It consists of the agreement title, effective date, engager, professional artist, date, location, time, type of performance, and duration of the performance. The other elements are financial consideration, other considerations and conditions, termination, dispute resolution, grant of rights, and signatures.

  1. The agreement template of an artist performance

How about this free template in PSD? Yea, this kind of contract template covers the agreement title, parties, performer information, college information, day, date, and location of engagement. Besides, the other ones are the detailed description of engagement, terms of engagement, and payment for engagement.

  1. The contract of entertainment artist

In this PSD template free, you will find the university’s name, contract title, today’s date, name of artist or company, entertainer, and event.  Then, it also contains the date of event, campus location of event, type of event, hours of performance, timeframe artist, compensation, and payment agreement.

  1. The agreement of artist performance

For the last artist performance contract template sample, you will know that this agreement template contains some significant aspects. Those are such as the agreement title, performer, agreement payment, title of the event, date of the event, and location of the event. Then, the others are starting time, end time, payment for services, personnel and materials, and independent contractor.

artist performance contract template template for word

Tips to Look for an Artist

Here, you can know the tips to look for an artist to perform for your event. Please follow them in this free download PSD template!

  1. Have special skills

The first tip that you have to do is looking for an artist who has special skills and talents.

  1. Take on many roles

What do you know about the tip in this customizable PSD template? Here, it is needed for you to look for an artist who can take on many roles. So, he or she will create artwork to celebrate an important aspect of the company.

  1. The budget

It is also important for you to communicate about the budget with the artist that you hire.

artist performance contract template template free word

It is the review of the artist performance contract template printable. Please get a better understanding!

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Artist Performance Contract Template Sample

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artist performance contract template free word template

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