10+ ATS Resume Template

ATS Resume Template: Essential Thing to Apply for a Job

Do you want to make the ATS resume template? It should be like that when you need to apply for a job. Actually, this resume can help you to present as a possible candidate for the job that you are applying for. Here, you can know some important elements that you should write in this resume template. So, to get more information about it, just follow this printable ATS resume template completely!

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Main Categories of the ATS Resume Template

In this free PSD template, you will know that this kind of resume template will provide you some categories. Are you curious about them? Here they are.

  1. The template of a creative resume

What can you infer with the first sample ATS resume template? According to the name, it means that this resume template does not follow any specific rules of the resume framework. Thus, it allows you to create an amazing idea for your resume so that you can show it in any form.

  1. The template of basic resume

Then, this second free template in PSD will tell you the basic resume template. It tells that this template applies a minimalistic approach. There will be some main elements in this resume template. They are such as using plain fonts, no graphical elements, lines of text, short paragraphs, and a few bullet points.

  1. The template of a graphic resume

How about this template free PSD? Exactly, in this kind of resume template, you will find the infographics, charts, and graphs. For the graphs, it commonly tells your professional skills, talents, experience graphs, and others.

  1. The template of a modern resume

In this ATS resume template sample, what can you get? You need to recognize that this resume template applies a format with formal fonts and also a professional outlook. To make this template, you have to remember that it must be readable. Then, it consists of a well-ordered structure, legible fonts, a document with a few bullet points, and minimal graphical elements.

  1. The template of portfolio resume

Furthermore, what about this last category in the PSD template free? In this resume template, you should know first that a portfolio refers to an album or a document that contains the work samples. It is, especially, completed with images and minimal text. So, this kind of template will be the best form for you because it shows visual samples of the work. In addition, the features of this resume template are images, website screenshots, and on-site media data.

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Elements of the Resume Template

You will see that this customizable PSD template provides some elements that you have to include. What are they? Here are the elements.

  1. Career objective

The first element is about a career objective. It refers to your thoughts, missions, and goals.

  1. Qualifications

This qualification is commonly stated to tell the different kinds of training and experiences.

  1. Skills

The other element in this free download PSD template is related to the person’s potentials that he or she mastered.

  1. Education

Please mention your college education with the score and institutions!

ats resume template template free word

That is the information of ATS resume template printable. Have nice writing!

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ATS Resume Template Sample

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