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ATV Bill of Sale Template: Showing a Transaction Proof Properly

The ATV bill of sale template is well known as a written document that is usually used as a sale transaction proof. In other words, you can also define it as a sales receipt or a proof of purchase for payment. Moreover, this printable ATV bill of sale template is commonly made by the seller to document the sale of the given items. Thus, to get more information about it, please check on the following information!

5 Top Samples of the ATV Bill of Sale Template

There will be available for you 5 samples of this free PSD template that you should know. What are the samples? Let’s check them in detail!

  1. The template of auto bill of sale

For the first sample ATV bill of sale template, you need to recognize that this template contains some elements. Those are the title, date, name of seller and buyer, make, model, year, signature, complete address, and phone.

  1. The template of boat trailer bill of sale

Then, the second free template in PSD is a bill of sale for a trailer. In this sale template, you will find the title, name of the purchaser, date of sale, and total purchase price.  The other components are the description of the vessel, description of the trailer, signatures, and printed names.

  1. The template of the mobile home bill of sale

How about this template free PSD? You need to include the important elements of the title, year, make, mobile home identification number, date sold, and full purchase price. There are also deductible items, furniture, total deductions, taxable amount, seller’s signature, and printed name.

  1. The template of motor vehicle bill of sale

The next ATV bill of sale template sample tells about the bill of sale of the motor vehicle. What can you get in this sale template? Yea, there will be the main aspects of the title, price, address, year, make, body style, model, VIN, and date purchased. The other aspects are the time of sale, the seller’s printed name, buyer’s printed name, signatures, and requirements.

  1. The template of boat bill of sale

Furthermore, the other PSD template free will show you the boat bill of sale. You have to recognize that this kind of sale template consists of the title, date, buyer name, address, and city. The other ones are make, model, model year, serial number, motor make, registration number, seller’s signature, and buyer’s signature.

Main Elements in the Template of Bill of Sale

There are some main elements that you have to include in this customizable PSD template. What are they? Please follow them well!

  1. Details

The first element means that both the seller and buyer are involved in the sale transaction.

  1. Type of goods

Here, you need to write the type of goods that are sold by the seller. It can contain the model, year, make, and others.

  1. Location

In this free download PSD template, you should also add the location of the transaction.

  1. Terms of the contract

This element will be used if you are getting into a contract.

That is the review of the ATV bill of sale template printable. Just learn it well when you need this template!

ATV Bill of Sale Template Sample