10+ Audition Form Template

Audition Form Template: Taking a Part of Certain Show

First, you have to know that an audition form is a form that is used by the performers to fill in their identity. They make this audition form template to join any performance and show their talents. It can be a performance of dancing, singing, acting, and others. So, if you need to create this printable audition form template, you should follow this information. There will be available for you some template types of this audition form. Let’s see them one by one!

audition form template in word

5 Main Types of the Audition Form Template

This free PSD template offers 5 main types of the template that you may select based on your need. Please give your best attention to these types!

  1. The template of registration and audition form

For this template free PSD form, you can check it in two columns. The main aspects of this form template are the title, name, age, date of birth, address, email, nationality, weight, height, and parents’ details.

  1. The template of audition and release form

In the second sample audition form template, you can know that it contains the title, name, address, phone number, email, age, and height. There are also gender, sing, dance, experience, talent or skills, unavailability schedule, participant release, signature, parent’s signature, and date.

  1. The template of the dance audition form

How about this free template in PSD? Actually, it tells the dance major audition form. The included elements in this form template are the title, auditions date and place, submitted items, statement, photo, and organization’s address. The other ones are audition information, technique class and solo performance, and proper dancewear for the audition.

  1. The template of the company audition form

Then, the next customizable PSD template shows the dance tech and talent company audition form. What about the significant components in this form template? Yea, it consists of the title, dancer’s name, age, grade entering, parent’s name, phone number, address, city, ZIP, and email. Besides, there are also photo release and waiver of liability, student’s name, and signature of a parent.

  1. The template of the sample audition form

Moreover, the other audition form template sample is the sample of the audition form in general. This form template contains the title, name, age, phone number, address, email, height, weight, eyes, hair color, and vocal range. In addition, you will also find performance experience, additional training or education, special skills, and preferred roles. The performance experience includes the name of the show, the name of the character, production group, and year.

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Uses of an Audition Form

When you fill in an audition form, you will get some uses from it. Let’s check them in this PSD template free!

  1. Collect information

The first use of filling an audition form is that the organization can collect the participant’s information online through this form.

  1. Can join the talent show

It means that using this free download PSD template can help you as participants to join the talent show. Besides, you can also find the participation confirmed here.

  1. Make it creatively

Then, it allows you to make this form template with the clone button and also colorize it based on your requirements. It is great, right?

audition form template template for word

This source of the audition form template printable is very useful for you who want to join an audition. So, understand it properly!


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Audition Form Template Sample

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