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Auto Detailing Price List Template: Simplify Customers to Know The Prices

Hi good people! Do you run a business of auto services for some vehicles, especially cars? If so, you can use an auto detailing price list template to simplify your customers knowing the price they should pay. This kind of sample auto detailing price list template is easy to use. Besides, this example PSD design template has a professional design. Do you want more samples of this template? Just download them in PSD and enjoy the drafts to guide you make a professional detailing price list.

The Superiorities of the Auto Detailing Price List Template

Your price list of auto service will have good look if you make it with a superior template. Here are the superiorities of this free download PSD template you will meet. Let’s check them out.

  1. High-quality layout

A layout is the most important thing to design a price list. It will work for a flyer, pamphlet, and others. So, when the layout comes in professional detail, it will be easier for you to make an attractive flyer with a professional and good look. Without a good layout, you may get difficulties arranging the price list in good order as well.

  1. Best artwork

A price list of your auto service will look more interesting if it has nice artwork on it. When you want it to happen to your flyer of auto service, don’t worry! This PSD template free provides many kinds of artwork you can choose to fulfill your needs. Make sure you get an artwork based on your taste.

  1. Attractive images

What do you think about a flyer without an image? It will look not perfectly attractive, won’t it? For this case, you should also attach a picture on your price list flyer. Fortunately, this customizable PSD design template also provides many kinds of images that are suitable to put in your flyer. So, just find the best image for your auto detailing price list.

  1. Text

You can give useful information to your customers with a text. You can write anything in this printable auto detailing price list template with a unique and attractive font. So, you can write a few price lists for different kinds of vehicles and other information easily.

  1. Graphic file

Last, you will get easiness to make an attractive auto detailing price list with the existence of a good graphic file. So, you can use this item to make your flyers look perfectly amazing.

How Much Are the Costs for the Outside of the Car?

Before writing the detailing price of car service, you should know the costs of different services. Here they are.

  1. $50-$125

First, customers need to pay such a price for a certain condition. This price can be suitably used for the average size of the car. Include this cost in your template free PSD to inform your customers about the costs they should pay clearly.

  1. $75-$150

This price will be suitable to use for an SUV or van. So, when you also serve such a vehicle, you can add those costs to your auto detailing price list template sample.

Well, that is all you can know about the auto detailing price list template printable. Do you want to see all samples of this free PSD template? Just visit PSD.


Auto Detailing Price List Template Sample