10+ Auto Repair Estimate Template

Auto Repair Estimate Template: Arrange a Convincing Repair Estimate

As a repair shop owner, you need to provide the best service for your customers. One of the best things you can do is to have a great service with the right estimate. To make it happens, you can use auto repair estimate template. This sample auto repair estimate template contains a few details to help you arrange a convincing auto repair estimate for your customers. Thus, you can choose the best example PSD design template from various samples provided here.

auto repair estimate template template for word

The Details to Include In Auto Repair Estimate Template

There are a few details you should include to make a perfect auto repair estimate. What are they? Here are the details you will find in this template free PSD.

  1. Header

For the header of this auto repair estimate template sample, it contains a title, your company name, and address. For the title, you can just write “Report Estimate”. Under the title, you can write the name of your repair shop and its address.

  1. Customer details

The second matter to include in this free PSD template is customer details. There are a few details you can write to show the customers’ identity. They are a name, street, year, registration number, insurance number, phone, and city. All of them should exist on this template to show a complete identity. If there are other details to write, you can add them to this customizable PSD design template.

  1. Vehicle details

Besides the customers’ identity, you need to also include the vehicle identity. In this matter, you can write the color, serial number, and model.

  1. Person who repair the vehicle

To include this detail, you can write 2 important matters. They are “Estimate prepared by” and “Adjustor”.

  1. Repairing and service details

Last, you have to include repairing details in this free download PSDĀ to tell your customers about what has been repaired or served. They are “replace, repair, description, parts, labor, refinish, submit, and price”.

auto repair estimate template example word design

Benefits of Auto Repair Estimate Template Printable

Every template will give benefits to the users, including this customizable PSD template. Here are the benefits you can get from it.

  1. Easily editable

To make a certain template become yours, you have to edit the contents of it, right? When you cannot do it, you will not be able to make use of the template. Fortunately, this template is provided in a few versions, including Ms. Word. With the format of that version, it will be easy for you to edit every detail in this template.

  1. Easy to download

While looking for a certain template, you must want it to be easy to download. Fortunately, this template can be downloaded only with one click. There is usually a “download” button next to or under the sample. By clicking it, this template will be automatically downloaded and saved to your device. It is so easy and simple, isn’t it?

auto repair estimate template word template free

Well, that is all about the printable auto repair estimate template to share with you. Get more samples of this template here free of cost.

auto repair estimate template template free word

Auto Repair Estimate Template Sample

auto repair estimate template customizable word design template

auto repair estimate template free download word

auto repair estimate template free word template

auto repair estimate template in word design

auto repair estimate template in word free download

auto repair estimate template in word


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