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Auto Repair Invoice Template: Items List for Customers

Hello everyone! What do you know about a repair invoice? You need to recognize that such an invoice is commonly used to make a list for all items by repair shop owners. Besides, in this auto repair invoice template, you will find the service fee that the repair shop owners to bill for their customers. It is, of course, done after fixing their cars. Well, to make an auto repair invoice, you should know any forms or designs of this template. So, please follow this printable auto repair invoice template in detail!

5 Types of the Auto Repair Invoice Template

This kind of invoice template has 5 types of forms that you can select. To get them, you can check for the types in this template free PSD!

  1. The form of the auto repair invoice

For the first sample auto repair invoice template, you will see that it is in a form of a column. The main components in this invoice template are the repair shop name, address, phone number, customer’s name, complete address, make, and model. The others are the customer problem, description of repairs, signature, date, quantity, part number, description, price, and extend.

  1. The template of the auto repair invoice

Then, this second free template in PSD is available in PDF format. For the elements, you can find the repair shop name, customer name, address, phone number, date, technician, vehicle ID, year, make, and model. There are also the engine, transmission, license plate, total parts, parts fee, total labor, total service charge, description of work, and details on parts.

  1. The sample of the auto repair invoice

The next auto repair invoice template sample will show you that this invoice template is in the format of Excel. There will be some important elements in this auto repair invoice. Those are the repair shop name, date, name, department, license, year, make, extension, mileage, and model. Moreover, the other ones are quantity, part number, parts, unit, price, account, signature, description of the problem, and services performed.

  1. The template of auto repair estimate invoice

Furthermore, what can you find in this customizable PSD template? Yea, you will get the title, company name, address, phone number, email, vehicle info, and customer info. Then, the other components are payment method, terms and conditions, services performed, part name, part number, quantity, unit price, and amount.

  1. The template of auto repair service invoice

What about this free PSD template? You have to recognize that this repair invoice template tells the title, company name, address, phone number, invoice date, and due date. There are also date of issue, customer info, vehicle information, make, model, year, registration, license, color, labor description, and amount. The others are part name, quantity, unit price, total, and payment method.

Important Matters You Have to Know

This PSD template free lets you know some important matters. What are they? Here are available for you.

  1. Seen online

Here, you can check these invoice templates online. However, you may also use it immediately or even you can change it as a draft.

  1. Edit the template

Then, you may edit this free download PSD template. It means that you can add more details to the label. Besides, you can also make changes to the fonts of this template.

That is the information of the auto repair invoice template printable. Please understand it well!

Auto Repair Invoice Template Sample