10+ Auto Repair Letterhead Template

Auto Repair Letterhead Template: Design a Letterhead Easily

Hi, auto shop owner! Do you want to make an auto repair letter? If so, you should make an attractive head for your letter to make it good-looking. So, before you make your letter, make sure you have an auto repair letterhead template. This template provides so many samples that you can download freely in PSD. After you have this template free PSD, you can arrange and design your letterhead easily. So, don’t hesitate to download this sample auto repair letterhead template whenever you want to make a good-looking letterhead.

auto repair letterhead template in word

What Can You Include in the Auto Repair Letterhead Template?

In this example PSD design template, there are available spaces to include the personal details of your auto shop. Here are a few details you can put in it.

  1. Logo

As an auto shop owner, you must have a logo. When you do not have, it will be better to make it and put in this auto repair letterhead template sample. You should put a logo in every header since it can give a strong impression to everyone who sees it. Thus, don’t forget to always include the logo in every free PSD template when you want to make a letterhead.

  1. Address

Someone who receives an auto repair letter, usually need to know the address of your shop. By knowing the address, they can go to the place where you serve your customers easily. Also, your customers can tell other people who need to go to an auto repair shop by showing the address in the letter. That is why it’s important to include this detail.

  1. Phone number

This detail is necessary to include in this free download PSD template. It can simplify your customers when they need to contact you for a certain business.

  1. Social media address

Besides a phone number, you need to also include your social media address in this printable auto repair letterhead template. Some customers may also want to keep in touch with your auto repair shop via social media. They can also contact you with it. So, you can include a few available social media addresses in this customizable PSD design template to stay in contact with your customers.

auto repair letterhead template template for word

How to Make Letterhead Using Microsoft Word 2010?

When you want to try making a letterhead using Microsoft Word, you can see the steps below and do them correctly.

  1. Click “Insert”

When you have opened Microsoft Word using a computer, you can find “Insert Option” in this app. When you find it, just click it and follow the next step.

  1. Click “Header”

After you select the “Insert” option, you can then click the “Header”.

  1. Select “Edit Header”

To design the header, you need to click the “Edit Header” first. After that, you can insert a few details you need.

  1. Insert the details you need

In this step, you can insert a logo, address, phone number, and other information.

auto repair letterhead template word template free

Well, that is all you need to know about an auto repair letterhead template printable. Download some samples of this customizable PSD template that fit your needs.

auto repair letterhead template template free word

Auto Repair Letterhead Template Sample

auto repair letterhead template customizable word design template

auto repair letterhead template example word design

auto repair letterhead template free download word

auto repair letterhead template free word template

auto repair letterhead template in word design

auto repair letterhead template in word free download


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