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Baby Announcement Template: Make a Great Interest for the Guests

Hello great parents! Do you want to celebrate your baby’s born? If you do, so, it is suggested for you to make a baby announcement template. You can tell your big family, your friends, and your colleagues to come to the party. To attract their interest, what can you do? Yea, you should make this printable baby announcement template looks so interesting and beautiful. However, don’t worry about it! Here, you can find some examples of this announcement template. Let’s see them!

baby announcement template in photoshop

5 Examples of the Baby Announcement Template

This kind of announcement template provides 5 template examples that you can be a reference to make it. What are they? Here are the examples in this template free PSD.

  1. The template of classic baby announcement

What can you define with the first sample baby announcement template? Actually, you need to know that this announcement template is appropriate for a baby girl. It is because it uses a pink color for the background. On the top of the template, you may add some images of your baby. Then, the other elements are the name of the baby, birth date and time, weight, and parents’ name.

  1. The card design template of photo birth announcement

Then, in this second free PSD template, what can you know about it? Yea, this template is so simple to see and make because the background is in white. Here, it allows you to add a photo of your cute baby in a big size. After that, it is followed by the name of the baby under the photo. There are also the birthdate, weight, and parents’ names.

  1. The template of baby boy announcement

What about this free template in PSD? Exactly, you can get this announcement template in the format of PSD. On this template, you may put the photo of your baby in a big size and follow by the name of the baby. In addition, you should also include the components of the birthdate and time of the baby, weight, and the other cute baby photos.

baby announcement template in psd design

  1. The card template of minimal baby announcement

The next baby announcement template sample applies for a minimal announcement card. It is available in two kinds of colors, they are pink and green. Moreover, the main aspects that you have to write in this announcement are such as the photo of the baby, and the baby’s name. Besides, you will also find the birth date and time, location, length, weight, and name of the baby’s parents.

  1. The template of custom baby announcement

Furthermore, the last example of customizable PSD template is using a classic theme but it looks elegant. This template uses a brown color for the background. For the main elements, there is the baby’s photo, baby’s name, birth date and time, weight, and parents’ name.

baby announcement template in photoshop free download

Tips of How to Write the Template of Baby Announcement

Here are the tips that you should follow to make and design this PSD template free. Let’s check them one by one!

  1. Using high-quality baby shots

Please convince that the photos are in high quality type. It can be HDR photos.

  1. Using KISS messages

What does it mean? This tip in the free download PSD means that you should write the message shortly and simply.

  1. Include the details

It covers the birthdate of the baby, name, weight, height, and parents’ name.

baby announcement template psd template free

It is the information of the baby announcement template printable. Apply it well!

baby announcement template template for photoshop

Baby Announcement Template Sample

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baby announcement template free psd template



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