10+ Bank Deposit Slip Template

Bank Deposit Slip Template: Various Slip Forms You Can Choose

Are you one of the bank employees? If you are, you should be able to make a bank deposit slip template for your customers. It is done to get the professionalism of the bank employee. If you are still confused about it, don’t worry about that! This printable bank deposit slip template will help you to provide some examples of the deposit slip template form. For further information, please pay attention to the following examples!

bank deposit slip template in word

5 Examples of the Bank Deposit Slip Template

This kind of deposit slip template has 5 examples that are mainly created by bank employees. Do you want to get them? Let’s check the examples in this free PSD template!

  1. The template of cash deposit

In this sample bank deposit slip template, you will know that you can download this slip template in the PDF format. There is an organization name on the top left side of the template. Besides, there is the title, date, department, prepared by, description, credit, fund, account, activity, cash or check from, amount, and total.

  1. The template of the tenancy deposit receipt

What about the second free template in PSD? Exactly, you can find this slip template in the form of Word. For the main elements, there will be the title, property address, tenancy start date, notes, and conditions. Then, the other ones are the first advance rental, deposit, any additional fees, total, the less holding deposit paid, and balance due.

  1. The template of holding deposit receipt

The other example in this template free PSD is available in PDF form. Here, you can find the title, applicant’s name, current address, phone number, date, monies received, screening disclosure, also applicant and manager names.

bank deposit slip template in word design

  1. The template of the free rent deposit receipt

In addition, the next bank deposit slip template sample is about the rent deposit receipt. To make this template, you need to include the main features of the title, organization name, complete address, phone number, and email. There will be also the name of the renter, address, contact, landlord signature, and date signed.

  1. The template of the sample deposit receipt

How about the last customizable PSD template? Actually, this deposit receipt shows the title, owner, renter, property address, security deposit amount, received from, and name or address of the financial institution. Then, the other components are the deposit information, also the owner’s and tenant’s signature.

bank deposit slip template free download word

Steps to Make a Bank Deposit Slip

If you need to make a bank deposit slip, it is suggested for you to do these steps below. Just find them in this PSD template free!

  1. List the money

Just list the amount of money that you want to deposit.

  1. Enter the total

Before entering the total, you should enter the subtotal and any amount you want back.

  1. Sign the slip

Then, what is the next step to make this free download PSD? To make the slip authorized, don’t forget to sign the deposit slip!

  1. Take the slip

The last step that you have to do is taking the slip and the money that you want to deposit. You can do it to the teller of the bank.

bank deposit slip template in word free download

Here is the source of the bank deposit slip template printable that you can learn. Understand it well!


bank deposit slip template free word template

Bank Deposit Slip Template Sample

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