10+ Bank Reconciliation Template

Bank Reconciliation Template: Making a Good Balance

What can you define with the bank reconciliation template? Greatly, this kind of template will help you in accounting for the task. It is, especially, recording the capital in entering and leaving the account. In other words, this printable bank reconciliation template can keep track of the business bank account and the capital movement. So, when you need to make this template, you should pay attention to the following samples. Let’s check them one by one!

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5 Samples of the Bank Reconciliation Template

This reconciliation template will show you 5 samples of the templates that are commonly made. What are they? Here are the samples in this template free PSD.

  1. The template of the simple bank reconciliation

The first sample bank reconciliation template is one of the simple templates that you can use. It is because this bank reconciliation contains the important elements that you have to write. Those are the title, bank name, account number, month-end, balance per bank statement, adjusted bank balance, and balance per general ledger.

  1. The template of the business bank reconciliation

In the second free PSD template, you will know that it tells the business bank reconciliation. There will be available for you some main elements such as the title, opening cash account balance, and closing cash balance. Besides, there are also closing balance of bank account, list of receipts, item, amount, and date banked.

  1. The template of bank reconciliation statement

How about this free template in PSD? To make this template, you should include the essential aspects here. What are they? The aspects are the title, bank name, account number, unpresented cheques, credit transfer, bank charges, autopay of electricity bill, and handling fee. The other ones are prepared by, approved by, name, and person’s title.

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  1. The template of the blank bank reconciliation

What can you infer with this bank reconciliation template sample? You need to recognize that this template shows personal bank reconciliation. It is available in the format of Excel. Here, you can find the title, account number, account name, balance per bank statement, date of statement, deposits, amount, and checks outstanding.

  1. The template of the daily bank reconciliation

Furthermore, this last customizable PSD template will tell about daily bank reconciliation. Exactly, this kind of reconciliation template contains important elements like the title, date, bank balance, plus outstanding deposits, and fewer outstanding cheques. Then, there are also elements of cheque, amount, total, adjusted bank balance, and general ledger.

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Steps to do a Bank Reconciliation Manually

If you want to do bank reconciliation in a manual way, don’t be confused! Here are the steps that you should do in this PSD template free.

  1. Get bank records

First, just get bank records. It means that you need a list of transactions from the bank.

  1. Get business records

Then, the second step in this free download PSD is getting the business records. You can open the ledger of the income and outgoings.

  1. Check the income

The next step that you have to do is checking the income on the books. Each entry should match a deposit on the bank statement.

  1. Check the expense

After that, don’t forget to check the expense! Please make sure that each entry should match a withdrawal on the bank statement!

  1. End balance

Finally, you can end the balance by matching the total of the business bank balance in the business accounts.

bank reconciliation template in word

It is the information of the bank reconciliation template printable. Have pleasant learning!

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Bank Reconciliation Template Sample

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