10+ Banner Template Printable example psd design

You have to know that making a banner template printable is a good way to deliver information out there. Besides, this template can help you to spread information that you want to share with everyone. On the other hand, you can also use this printable banner template as a decor to make any occasion look more lively. For example, it is for holidays and birthdays. Thus, if you are interested in making this banner template for a certain reason, just find the samples in the information below!

banner template printable in photoshop

4 Top Samples of the Banner Template Printable

This kind of template provides 4 samples of the banner that you can use and choose. Do you want to recognize them? Here are the samples in the template free PSD.

  1. The banner template of corporate roll-up

In the first sample banner template printable, you will see that it is in a stand and roll-up form. This banner is available in three colors like blue, yellow, and red. On the top side of the banner, you can add the image of the building office, meeting photo, or others. Here, there will be important aspects that you need to write. Those are the title, business solution, creative concept, software development, marketing strategy, and great support.

  1. The banner template of church anniversary

The second free template in PSD is about the church anniversary banner. It uses the background of a beautiful sunrise on the top side of the banner. For the bottom background, it applies a purple color. Then, the main elements in this banner template are such as the community’s name, title, and event date. There are also anniversary opening events, anniversary thanksgiving service, overcomers men’s outreach, and virtuous women’s ministry.

banner template printable in psd design

  1. The banner template of SEO roll up

What about this customizable PSD template? Exactly, this banner applies the colors combination of white and light Tosca. The included components in this template are the title, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), reason for choosing the company, and facilities offered.  Besides, there are the company address, phone number, email, and website. For the facilities, it covers website analysis, website optimization, client requirements, SEO submission, keyword research, and content writing.

  1. The banner template of freelance ads

The next banner template printable sample will show you the advertisement for hiring a freelancer. You have to see that the background of this banner is dark brown. There is also a picture of a freelancer on the top side of the banner. Moreover, you can also find the title, short information, phone number, email, and website.

banner template printable psd template free

Easy Steps to Make a Printable Banner

If you want to make a banner, there will be available for you some steps that you can do easily. Let’s check them in this free PSD template!

  1. Click File

Just click the icon of File, New, and choose Built-in. You can use the template in Publisher.

  1. Choose the Banners

This step in the PSD template free lets you choose the category of Banners. So, you can choose the banner design that you want to use.

  1. Select any options

Then, just choose any options that you want under Customize and Options!

  1. Click Create

Finally, you may click the option of Create to make this free download PSD template.

banner template printable template for photoshop

Well, it is useful information on the banner template printable. Get a nice apply!


banner template printable template free psd

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