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Bar Graph Template: Compare Data Easily

The bar graph is very useful in various fields. You can use it to compare data or find the relationship of certain data. You cannot make it in a professional matter without any templates. In this matter, you can find the best bar graph template in PSD. You need to know that free template in PSD provides various samples of this template that you can download freely. You can download all of them only in one click. So, just find this sample bar graph template and make it your graph.

bar graph template template for word

A Few Samples of Bar Graph Template

To show you a few kinds of this PSD template free, there are 4 samples you can see below. Let’s check them out.

  1. Blank bar graph

First, you can make use of a blank bar graph to customize as you desire. In this free PSD template, you can input name, date, title, and x-axis and y-axis. It is a simple template to edit. Just fill in this template with the details you have to make your bar graph.

  1. Double bar graph

This template consists of two bar graphs on one page. It can be used to differentiate certain data in different conditions. For example, favorite sports happen in 2019 and 2020. The data must be a little different since the condition of a certain year may be different.

  1. Kindergarten bar graph

This template free PSD is very attractive to see. It is so suitable for kids, especially those who are in kindergarten. From this template, you can make a title of “favorite color” or another interesting title for kids. For the x-axis, you can fill it with kinds of color. While the y-axis, you can write numbers from 1 to 10.

bar graph template template free word

  1. Weather bar graph

Last, the bar graph template sample you need to know is a weather bar graph. This graph is suitable to find out the different weather for a few days. For the x-axis of this free download PSD template, you can fill it with kinds of weather. While the y-axis, you can write kinds of days in there.

bar graph template in word

How to Make a Bar Graph in Word?

There is another way you can do to make a bar graph on side of using printable bar graph template. What is it? Yes, you can make it happen in Word. Just do the following ways.

  1. Click Insert, then choose Chart option
  2. Choose a type of chart

After you click a Chart option, all kinds of the chart will appear. In this step, you can choose the type of it you prefer.

  1. Change the default data

In the type of chart you choose, there will be default data from this app. In this condition, you can replace them with your data. Now, this graph will be yours after all data have been added.

  1. Close the spreadsheet

You can do this fourth step when you have finished customizing the default chart.

bar graph template customizable word design template

That is all about the bar graph template printable you should know. Download your preferable customizable PSD template in PSD that can fit your needs, Have a nice try.

bar graph template word template free

Bar Graph Template Sample

bar graph template example word design

bar graph template free download word

bar graph template free word template

bar graph template in word design

bar graph template in word free download




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