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Beautiful Butterfly Wing Template for Children’s Art Projects

Are you ready to welcome the upcoming spring season? If yes, then you may want to celebrate it by creating beautiful butterfly art. The following butterfly wing template provides easy-to-use tool to use even for children. Doing art project can help kids to channel their creativity and practice on extending their attention span during the craft time.

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What Is Butterfly Wing Template?

Butterfly is a creature that can seem magical due to their wings. Appearing often is various folklore and fairy tales, it is an ideal theme for kids’ activity or craft project. The available templates of butterfly wings in this page are available in different sizes and formats to download and print out. There are infinite ways possible to decorate the wings – you can make the craft as simple or as complicated as desired.

How Do You Make Easy Butterfly Wings?

Here’s how to use the template of butterfly wings:

  • Click the template to download and save it to your computer. You may need certain software to open it in your personal device.
  • Print the file out according to the size that you want.
  • Use the printed-out butterfly wings image as material for coloring activity or any projects with the theme butterfly.

butterfly wing template in photoshop

How Do You Make A Butterfly Out Of Cardboard?

For craft project with cardboard material, put the template on top the cardboard. Then trim it accordingly by using X-Acto knife. Make sure there’s adult involved. After the wings have been cut out, try to decorate it with paint, markers, colored papers, glitter, rhinestones, or even faux feathers to make it more appealing.

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How Do You Make Butterfly Wings With Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper butterfly is possible to create without butterfly wing template. You will need several tissue papers, preferably in different colors to makes it look colorful, and stack them together. Fold the tissues to half and secure the middle part by using thread or wire. Cut the folds’ edge in the shapes that you like to decorate it. Then separate the tissue sheets to open your butterfly carefully.

butterfly wing template psd template free

What Are Benefits of Creating Butterfly Wing Crafts?

Below are some of the benefits of creating butterfly wings-themed crafts for kids:

  • Improve fine motor skills

The children can practice fine motor skills when they trace the outline of butterfly inside the template by using crayons or markers and when they cut the butterfly by using scissors.

  • Learn what symmetry is

Butterfly is a symmetrical creature and the templates also made them to be so. The kids may learn about symmetry by folding the template right to half and then create a separating line in the center.

  • Learn more about butterfly

Get the kids familiar and closer to the nature by knowing about butterfly. You may tell them about the lifecycle of butterfly and types of butterfly during the project.

butterfly wing template template for photoshop

Butterfly wing template is a great material for your art projects. It also helps that the template can be used in so many ways to spend an indoor time during rainy days or for a leisure day during spring seasons.

butterfly wing template template free psd

Beautiful Butterfly Wing Template Sample

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