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Creating a Dreamy Invitation with Beauty and the Beast Invitation Template

Dreaming to have a Beauty and the Beast themed party? Now you can make it no more than just a dream. Using a Beauty and the Beast invitation template, expect nothing but a nicely-set invitation you’ll ever have.

How Do I Make an Invitation?

To make an invitation, here’s what you need to do after choosing a theme.

  • Determine the size. Normally, invitation is 5” x 7” or twice that size, depending on your needs.
  • Once you’ve set the size, then you can start designing or customizing the template you have downloaded earlier. Typically, you don’t have to set the size if you use a template.
  • Write down the contents.
  • If needed, you can add pictures or other decorative objects.
  • Lastly, if you’ve done designing, save the file into its functional file type.

What App Do You Use to Make Invitations?

There are loads of online applications to make your invitation. But, instead of making it online, downloading a template will be more beneficial. This is because you can use the template several times – no need to go online.

In addition to online apps, you can either use word processor and image editor in order to edit your Beauty and the Beast invitation template. Even though it is easier to have the pre-made template, you can still add ornaments to beautify the invitation.

What Should I Include in Beauty and the Beast Invitation?

Well, since there are various types of templates, you can expect many things. You can have a blank area with Beauty and the Beast frame decoration, or even a whole invitation that uses font styles similar with Disney’s style. Whatever your template choice is, the best thing about having a themed template is: you don’t have to start from zero in terms of finding relevant decoration.

Things to Remember while Making an Invitation

  • Make sure your invitation is readable. To fulfill this requirement, then it’s best to set the font wisely, as well as the color itself. Regarding the color, you should have the font color contrasting the background color.
  • Avoid stuffy ornaments and wallpapers. Good visual doesn’t mean you have to fill in every possible space with ornaments. Also, choose your wallpaper so that it doesn’t upstage the informative text.

How Do You Make Beauty and the Beast Invitation?

Some of you may think that using a template is not your thing. If so, it’s a basic requirement that you own designing skill. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the invitation easily.

As you’ve already had the theme: Beauty and the Beast, the next step is to plan the contents. Start by hand-drawing the invitation; plan what text to put and where to place it, what and where to place the decorations you are going to have.

Next, find the resources. You may need to get images from image stock websites, especially if you’re unable to illustrate the film’s main characters yourself. Once you done these, the next step is to combine those resources altogether into an invitation. Add your text, review it and export it to its functional file type.

To conclude, using Beauty and the Beast invitation template can help to make a good start for your dream party. Once the invitation is all set, the next thing to do is to send it to your friends.


Beauty and the Beast Invitation Template Sample