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Paycheck Slips Out Your Hand Like Crazy? Try Using Bi Weekly Budget Template

Being a semi-monthly worker means you got the paycheck twice. Although two paychecks in one month do not mean more money, the payday is surely the day you’ve always been waiting for. Don’t let your paycheck slip out quickly without any plans – use a bi weekly budget template, and secure your money from any unneeded expenses.

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Why Do You Need Budgeting?

Budgeting does not always mean putting your money for routine expenses only. It is also important to allocate some cash for unexpected occurrence, as well as for saving. Hence, it can be underlined that the main goal of budgeting is to plan where your paycheck must go to.

Budgeting becomes more important for semi-monthly workers who get their paycheck twice. It’s because the amount of money will be relatively lower than the monthly-paid workers – hence it’s pivotal to budget everything in order to use the money effectively.

How Do You Budget Bi Weekly Paychecks

Basically, it’s similar to monthly paycheck budgeting. Here’s what you should do:

  • Track your routine spending. Put aside secondary and tertiary needs for a while.
  • Know how much your net income is.
  • Set a goal. Do you plan to challenge yourself to save more money? In this step, determine what you are going to achieve.
  • Planning comes next. Once you’ve known your goal, plan your saving. It should answer how many you’re going to save. You can also plan for other less-important needs: how much money do you plot to fulfill that desire?
  • If needed, make the expenses plan as habit but don’t be too strict, especially if you have specific condition that requires you to use more cash.
  • Check whether your planning goes well.

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How Do You Make a Semi-Monthly Budget?

To make your budgeting, you don’t have to make it on such paper full of decoration. Budgeting may come in handy without any ornamental aspects – but with one, budgeting will be more special.

Using a word-processor or spreadsheet app can help you in order to make your budgeting file. Or, if you want to do it quick, getting a bi weekly budget template will help you.

bi weekly budget template in word

Most pre-made templates have already set the columns and bars, as well as labels you need to fill in. So, you only need to input your budgeting plan into it.

What to Custom on a Semi-Monthly Budget Template?

Usually, people will not change anything on the template. But if there are some aspects needed to be changed, then they can customize it. Changing a template is usually done to the color theme used or the position of labels. Some people may also change the labels if they think the label isn’t relevant to their budgeting plan.

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What are the 4 General Tips for Budgeting?

  • Always secure the money for routine needs. If needed, you can put saving as your main priority as well – making it categorized as your ‘main expense’.
  • If you have debts, make it to your main priority.
  • Challenge yourself to trim the budget.
  • Download several templates. You can use that later if you feel bored with one template.

bi weekly budget template template free word

Well, so that’s how you make a budget for your bi-weekly paycheck with the help of bi weekly budget template. It’s undeniable that cutting the desire to buy almost everything you want is hard. But in the end, as you succeed in saving, you’ll feel rewarded and proud with yourself. Why don’t you just try it?

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Bi Weekly Budget Template Sample

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