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What Timesheet is and How to Make One Using Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

Timesheet is a tool mostly used by office workers. If you are a corporate worker, then you must have been familiar with this tool used to track and measure your total working time. Don’t worry if you are new to this term and don’t have an idea how to make it – you can make it easily by using a bi weekly timesheet template.

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What is a Timesheet?

To be briefly put, a timesheet is a table containing data of an employee; especially in the terms of tracking the total time a specific employee has worked within a particular period. A timesheet can also be used to track time spent for a project, task, and client.

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Why is a Timesheet Important?

Timesheet is a pivotal tool in order to track the total amount of hours worked by a particular employee. You know – there are workers which are paid twice within a month; and timesheet serves as the tracker tool to know how much should be paid to that person.

Aside from that, a timesheet is needed to know how effective a worker is working on a certain project. In this case, as a superior you can use timesheet to make further decision whether to or not to dismiss a worker from the company.

What should be Included in a Timesheet?

A timesheet has its own structure that makes it different from any other table. Although there are many variations of timesheet, the mostly used one will usually contain these aspects:

  • The employee’s name.
  • Pay period
  • Date, day, and hours worked
  • Total hours worked within a week period.
  • Paid time off – if needed

Some companies will also note the employee’s break time. Although it can be too detailed, people can’t help but to comply with that.

How Can I Make My Own Timesheet?

To make your own timesheet, there are two options: making it yourself using commonly-used apps, or using a template.

If you have enough time and getting a template is not something that you usually do, you can use word-processor and/or spreadsheet app to make the timesheet. You need to adjust this and that, add labels, and decorate it with colors as well. You should not use decorative illustration as it is a professional document.

However, if you are using a bi weekly timesheet template, you don’t need to do everything mentioned before. A pre-made template will save your time needed to make columns, labels, and to decorate the tables. You only need to input the employee’s data.

How to Use Bi Weekly Timesheet Template?

In order to use it, you should know what file extension your timesheet template has. Then, find the compatible app and launch the app to open the template file from there.

Once you’ve launched the app and opened the template file, the next thing to do is to customize the template. Make the required changes, input your content, and save the file afterwards.

So, that’s the related information about timesheet and bi weekly timesheet template. To conclude, a timesheet is a tool to track time used by an employee to work on a specific project/client, as well as knowing how much paycheck must be paid to an employee according to their total working hours.

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