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Understanding Bible Journaling and How to Make Bible Journaling Template

Interested in doing biblical journaling? Not only with such activity you can express your creativity and making the biblical study seem to be more fun, you can share the good words by sharing your journaling result to your friend/ loved ones. To begin with, you may need to have a bible journaling template to help you making one.

bible journaling template template free psd

What is Bible Journaling?

A Bible journal, that’s obtained by the process of Bible journaling, is a creative way to document some verses from the Bible. Most of the time, a Bible journal uses verses which are inspirational. Uniquely enough, some people decorate their Bible with this, although the rest only use papers as their media to do the journaling.

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How to Start Bible Journaling?

To do Bible journaling, you can do it two ways: digital or handwritten. In order to make your own handwritten Bible journaling, you should consider learning good, decorative hand-lettering. This is because most people who do journaling do it handwritten. After all, that is what makes Bible journaling unique and worth to try.

Aside from that, you need to get acquainted with some Bible journals people have posted previously. Plus, read your Bible and note down which verses feel motivational for you to make contents.

If you decide to make Bible journaling the digital way, then using a Bible journaling template will help you. It’s not that you need it to customize the contents by using a template; you will know the size of making a Bible journal.

What are Bible Journal Contents?

A Bible journal is not that kind of journal with plenty aspects to think of. Generally, it only contains these three aspects:

  • The verses you are quoting, written beautifully
  • The book’s name
  • Some decoration to spice up the look.

bible journaling template psd template free

How to Use Bible Journaling Template?

In order to make a Bible journal using a template, here’s what you should do:

  • First of all, download a template fitting your preferences.
  • Prepare your content. Note down what verses suitable to be made as journal content and don’t forget to note what book containing that scripture.
  • After you’ve prepared those, prepare your stationaries. If needed, you can have some colored pens as well.
  • Print your template.
  • Now write down the scripture you want to make it as a journal using a decorative handwriting, for sure. Using pencil to make a sketch beforehand can be beneficial for you. If needed, add several little ornaments here and there. Make sure not to stuff the box.
  • Review what you’ve made.
  • Start adding some colors. No need to make it major, just a little accent will suffice.

What to Prepare before Customizing the Template?

  • Prepare the content. This will include preparing the Bible verses suitable to be made as content.
  • Good content will not be enough if your delivery way isn’t that good, so you should consider learning decorative handwriting as well.
  • Aside from that, try getting some references, especially if you are new to this kind of art.

In order to make a good Bible journal, you need to practice a lot. This should be done despite the use of Bible journaling template. Ask for someone’s review for your art, and always be open for suggestion. Don’t forget to apply what you’re suggested to do during your practice. That way, you’ll be a great Bible journal artist someday.

bible journaling template free psd template

bible journaling template free download psd


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