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Understanding Bid Form and How to Make It Using Bid Form Template

Have you heard something called as a bid form? For ones working frequently with contractors, a bid form may be a day-to-day paper files to work with. If you are new to it and your boss has assigned you to make it, don’t worry, you can excel the job by having a bid form template to help you.

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What is a Bid Sheet?

A bid sheet is a frequently found in construction project. It is a file normally used to explain the terms and conditions of bid in a detailed way. This form is made in order to help your project to be understood well by the bidders before they place their bids.

When Should I Use a Bid Form?

Generally, you will use a bid form if you are a contractor who plans to respond affirmatively to a bid invitation. If you are submitting a bid for a certain bid invitation, most likely you will deal with this kind of form. Or, you are an owner of a project who is willing to collect bids from contractors. A bid form is usually sent along with the invitation to bid – to then be filled if the ‘invitees’ plan on submitting their bid.

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Why Do You Need a Bid Form?

If you are one of the aforementioned parties that usually uses this form, then several possible reasons are as follows:

  • To give an outline of the Terms and Conditions applied if someone is planning to submit their bids.
  • As a requirement to submit a bid. Signing in the form means you have acknowledged the terms and conditions. It also means you are willing to take the consequences if you fail to comply to the rules.

bid form template in word

What Should Be Included in a Bid Package?

Normally, in a bid form, you will find these points below:

  • The project’s identity that usually explains who owns the project, where the project will take place, etc.
  • The list of attached documents provided in relevance to the project
  • Terms and conditions
  • An Invitation to Bid, which later should be filled and submitted if you plan to join the bidding process.

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How Do I Make a Bid Form?

  • In order to make a bid form, you have two choices:
  • Making it yourself, it means you need to type it from the scratch. You must know what it takes to make a relevant bid form for your project.
  • Using a bid form template. This template will ease your job in order to make a bid form. You can download a template from the internet and customize it according to your need. If you need a quick helping hand, counting on a template will help you a lot.

How to Customize a Bid Form?

Shortly after you download the template, open the compatible app for the template. For example, if the template has a suitable file extension for word processor apps, then you need to open that kind of app in order to start customizing it.

Most bid form template have .doc, .docx, or .pdf file extension. Some may have the .xls extension. To open the template and start working on it, you need to install the related apps and start customizing it. Since you don’t have to type the form from zero, it takes less time to work on it.

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