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Bid Proposal Template Definition and How to Make It

Sometimes it puts people in dispute – the difference between a bid form and a bid proposal. Both are supporting each other although they have different function. That is why we found both are made separated. Do you find difficulties while making the bid proposal? No need to worry, get your task done by using a bid proposal template.

Bid Proposal Template free word template

What is a Bid Proposal?

A bid proposal is paperwork, usually produced by an individual/company that plans to respond positively to an invitation to bid. It is a long, extensive paperwork which also requires an extended period to finish it as whole.

What is the Difference of a Bid Form and Proposal?

The difference is pretty obvious if people find it frequently. A bid form is usually issued as a kind of ‘foreword’ to precede the longer attachments, as well as to show the bidders the project’s terms and conditions. Meanwhile, a proposal is written when a bidder wants to join the bidding process. The proposal is used to show their eligibility to handle the project.

How Do You Write a Bid Proposal?

In some cases, you can directly get the proposal template from the project’s owner. So, if you already got the template, you can skip the proposal making process and start filling it instead.

Bid Proposal Template word template free

But, if you have no proposal templates attached along with the given bid form and invitation to bid, then you need to make the document yourself. Previously submitted proposals can be your references; but if there are none like that, then you can have a bid proposal template.

How Do You Write a Bid Request Letter?

It’s a plus point to have your bid proposal honest, but if it doesn’t have any persuading aspect, the chance of winning will not be that high. So, in order to excel in making the proposal, you need to talk with the team beforehand about what should and what should not be inserted into the paperwork.

Aside from that, using a template will help you to make the proposal in less time. Talking about the content itself has already taken much time; let alone typing it into the proposal. Hence, don’t waste your time just to build the proposal from scratch.

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A proposal template can also be used not just once. So, if your company plans to takes another chance to bid seriously, you won’t have to start your proposal low without any preparation.

How Do You Prepare a Proposal?

  • First of all, make sure you discuss about the project with the team. Point out the project’s importance for the company’s well-being.
  • Then, after you and the team agree to proceed with the project, it’s time to work with the proposal.
  • It needs inter-department cooperation; hence you need quite long time to discuss about it. Since bids are mostly about price competition, then you must create a persuasive and competitive price bid.
  • You can also work on the proposal for the time being. Use a template to make it quick.
  • Never skip proofreading. Before submitting, it is important to review the whole proposal. Notice any misspellings, wrong digits, or any errors that may reduce the chance of winning.

Well, making this kind of proposal using a bid proposal template does not mean you are less professional. Instead, it is a great trick especially if you have less time to finish the whole proposal before submitting it.

Bid Proposal Template template free word

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