10+ Printable Bill of Lading Template

The Bill of Lading Template and Its Format

A bill of lading is one of the most vital documents handled by every business owner who mostly deals with foreign shipping. It highlights all the details about the package, the delivery process, and from where the parcel is coming and also going. If you need this paper, you can simply find and download a bill of lading template in order to save your time.

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What is a Bill of Lading?

As briefly mentioned above, a bill of lading is a legal document given to a shipper and provided by a carrier describing the quantity, type of package, and destination of the parcel. It is also used as a receipt when the courier delivers the goods at a designated location.

How is Included in a Bill of Lading?

The followings are the essential items that must be included in a bill of lading:

  • Contact information of both parties (the shipper and receiver). This includes the full name, address, and, if possible, the telephone numbers of the parties.
  • An order number or other shipping reference number since both the shipper and receiver will need this information to track the package.
  • The pick-up date. It will help both parties to preserve their internal shipping records.
  • Description of the parcel, which should include the type of goods shipped, the description of each item, their weights, and other identifying details. It should also state the exact condition of the goods delivered.
  • The packaging type used, which usually includes pallets, drums, cartons, or crates.
  • Freight carrier directions. In this section, if there are any particular directions, they should be included.
  • If there are any dangerous materials, they should be listed explicitly since there are special regulations that must be followed to deliver any goods deemed precarious.

bill of lading template in word

How Do You Create a Bill of Lading?

If you are required to create this legal document, it is best to download a bill of lading template that you can find on most design platforms for free. Once you download the pre-made layout and open it on a program that corresponds to the template’s file type, the only thing you need to do is fill out the document.

Here is how to fill out a bill of lading:

  • Start by inputting the exact date when you are creating the document. Then, input the number of the bill of lading.
  • Apply the barcode, enter the shipper’s ID number and the reference number.
  • List how many goods are being shipped, including the description of each item and the type of packaging.

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What is the Basic Format of Bill of Lading?

This shipping document comes in a format that is relatively easy to understand. It consists of the basic details on the shipping of the goods, such as the destination information, the number of the bill of lading, the courier’s name, and other specific details.

bill of lading template template free word

How to Edit a Bill of Lading Template?

First, you need to download the template in a .doc format since this type of file offers you full flexibility in customizing. Use how to fill out the bill of lading tutorial above to edit the template to align with your needs.

Creating a bill of lading document could be really confusing for several people. With a bill of lading template, you will have the liberty to customize the existing layout to suit your requirements and save time.

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