5+ Printable Billing Statement Template

What is Billing Statement Template and How to Make a Billing Statement?

Credit card users usually need their transaction history to be sent to their residence address in a monthly basis. That is why a billing statement comes as the answer for their need. The billing statement also acts as a paper that states how much must they pay for that month. To make a billing statement, consider getting a billing statement template in order to make the paperwork easier and faster.

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What is a Billing Statement?

A billing statement is a report on a monthly basis that is issued for credit card holders. This statement shows them their transactions within that month, the monthly payment due, and some other essential information. Usually, a billing statement is sent at the end of a billing period.

What are Included in Billing Statement?

In many billing statements, the commonly found statements are as follows:

  • The credit card account number
  • Period of statement, in which you can find the billing period.
  • Credit card limit granted
  • Payment due date
  • Opening and closing balance
  • Overdue amount (if any)
  • Transaction, as well as its date, charges, merchant name
  • Various interest rates (if any)
  • Payment methods
  • Important messages

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How Long is a Billing Statement?

It actually depends on the credit card companies’ billing statement. Some may only take 1-2 pages, but if the transactions are made detailed, oftentimes it can be longer, especially if each merchant and credit spent are also stated in the billing statement.

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How Do I Create a Billing Statement?

If you are part of a credit card company, you may get a chance to design the credit card billing statement. In that case, as always – you can do either making the file yourself, or simply getting a billing statement template.

The latter choice is much easier. A template is a pre-made document, with the labels and forms made blank. If you want to change it to make the template resembles your company’s – don’t worry, you can change it easy way.

How Do I Create a Billing Statement in Word?

More often than not, a billing statement template has file extension that’s suitable for word processor application. Although in some cases you will find a PDF file – which is tricky to edit – you can convert it to .doc/.docx file first before editing it.

Templates suitable for spreadsheet apps are found least than the other two. Although scarcely found, this type of template applied in billing statement is also easy to use.

How to Customize Billing Statement Template?

To customize your template, it is very easy to do:

  • Launch the compatible app and open the file through the app.
  • Check for any parts that require adjustment and/or customization.
  • Once you’ve done customizing, then save the file with a new name.
  • If you need to print the document, you can directly do that.

Using a billing statement template does not mean you are not professional. Instead, it is a smart trick to do your work faster. As you can do it faster, allocating your time for another project will be more feasible, won’t it?

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