10+ Birth Certificate Translation Template

Use Birth Certificate Translation Template to Ease Your Work

More often than not, birth certificate is equipped with its translation. This is made in order to anticipate any chances that the birth certificate will be used in English-speaking countries. But even though there are many countries with bilingual birth certificate, some countries’ residents still require birth certificate translation. A birth certificate translation template may help you for this matter.

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How to Translate a Birth Certificate to English?

Unless you are professional legal translator, then you should rely on professional translator’s cold hand for the translation, even when you are capable of English. To translate it, you should submit a copy (either a digital copy or a printed copy is fine) to a translation service.

It takes time for your birth certificate to be translated. Some translation services may ask for a ‘down payment’ before they start translating your birth certificate. It is normal – you can complete the rest of the payment once the translation is done.

It may take some time to translate your document, and its length, source language, and styling requirements may affect the price.

Do Translated Birth Certificates Need to be notarized?

Unless you need the translated birth certificate as a requirement for immigration, typically it does not need to be notarized. However, many offices will ask for the translator’s identity, date of certification, as well as the address and signature. Hence, you cannot self-translate the document.

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Where Can I Translate My Birth Certificate?

Find any legal documents translator near your area. Getting some information online may help you to find out a service. Once you find one, ask their eligibility to translate a legal document. If needed, ask when you can get the result.

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What are the General Contents of a Translated Birth Certificate?

Typically, a translated birth certificate also has the similar content as the source document. Even if your birth certificate only contains the basic information, it is a must to also include a writing of [signature], or [stamp] if there are such things in the certificate. The bottom line is, the translated file must have translated all text available and is formatted as similar as possible.

How to Make Translated Birth Certificate with Template?

If you are a legal translator, then it might be tricky to format a translated birth certificate as similar as the original file. In order to do that, you can get a help from a birth certificate translation template. This kind of template will not only help you to cut your working time for designing, but you can also use the file over and over again.

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In general, a translated birth certificate has .doc/.docx file extension; some others have .pdf as the extension. Whatever type of template you are using, you should make the template works best by also providing the best translation you can do.

To customize the birth certificate translation template, you need to open the template using the compatible application. Let’s say if you are using a .docx template, then you should open and customize the contents of the template using that app. Don’t forget to save the completed file into PDF or other file extension wanted by the client.

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Birth Certificate Translation Template Sample

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