10+ Birthday Calendar Template Example PSD Design

Birthday Calendar Template: Remember Your Lovely One’s Birthday

Hello everyone! Do you want to celebrate your birthday party? Yea, to hold this special event, you should create such a birthday calendar template. By making this template, you can convey a special message to your lovely ones. Besides, you will also know the certain date of their birthday celebration. Well, in this printable birthday calendar template, you can check the types of the template designs. Thus, let’s check them out for detailed information!

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4 Main Types of the Birthday Calendar Template

In this kind of calendar template, you will see that this free PSD template offers 4 types of designs. To know more about them, please follow these types nicely!

  1. The template of birthday calendar

The first free template in PSD tells that it is used for a family celebration. The background of this template uses grey color and the writing is pink. On the template, you will find twelve small rectangles for each month. In the small rectangle, you may write the birth date and your family members’ names. Here, it allows using different colors for the writing.

birthday calender sample PSD Design

  1. The template of the yearly birthday calendar

In this second sample birthday calendar template, you will see that the background of this template uses black color. Then, it looks like a column. Each of the columns covers the month, birthday date, and name. To make this template looks so attractive and colorful, you can apply some different nice colors. They are pink, red, yellow, blue, green, and white for writing. The components in this template are the title, month, certain date, and person’s name.

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  1. The template of printable birthday calendar poster

How about this customizable PSD template? If you like Tosca, you can use this template because it applies that color for the background. On the bottom left side, there is a calendar. Then, you may add your baby’s photo on the top left side. Thus, the notes for writing the person’s birthday is on the right side of the template. This kind of poster template looks so stylish.

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  1. The template of birthday calendar landscape

Then, the other birthday calendar template sample will show you that it is in color. What does it mean? Yea, even though the background of the template is white, the writing of the months is in different colors. There will be available for you the blank space that you can use to write the list of a person’s birth date.

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The Simple Ways to Make a Birthday Calendar for Free

When you want to create this template free PSD for free, don’t worry! There will be some easy steps that you can follow. What are they? Here are the steps.

  1. Download the template

The first step to make this PSD template free is downloading the sample of the birthday calendar.

  1. Get an image

Then, this second step in this free download PSD tells you to get an image to place in the background of the template.

  1. Add text

Before placing the chosen sample of the calendar template, don’t forget to add some text to it!

birthday calender Customizable PSD Templates

Those are the reference for the birthday calendar template printable. Have a nice try!

Birthday Calendar Template Sample

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