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Blu Ray Cover Template to Easily Create DVD Covers

Sometimes you want to document your important moments in life by saving any files related to it into a DVD. Now that you have it on hand, how should you label it? Labeling your DVD with only paper and pens will not make it looks good. Probably this is the right time to make a Blu-ray cover and you will need blu ray cover template. Don’t worry because such templates are free to download!

blu ray cover template in psd design

What are the Contents of DVD Cover?

In general, a DVD cover has two main points:

  • Title of the DVD content, and
  • Relevant background

Aside from these two aspects, the rest can be considered as additional objects. Unless you are making a Blu-ray cover for a box office movie, the contents will be more than merely title and background.

What is the Size of a Blu-ray Cover?

The size of a Blu-ray cover really depends on the country you are living. For instance, the Blu-ray cover in US is slightly smaller by 3 mm compared to its British version. To make it clear, here is the list of DVD covers size, all measured in millimeters.

  • US Blu-ray cover : length 268.7 x width 148.4 mm
  • UK Blu-ray cover : length 271.7 x width 148.4 mm

Even if you are living in any of those countries, it is safer to measure the size of the DVD cover still. This is important in order to make the design properly scaled.

blu ray cover template psd template free

How to Make a Blu-ray Cover Template?

In order to make a design for your DVD cover, you can do it manually or using a template. It’s undeniable that to have it done pretty fast, hiring someone to do it is the best option. But that’ll cost you some precious bucks.

blu ray cover template template for photoshop

Hence, to save your money, why don’t you create it yourself? Simply by downloading a template, installing the app that can open that template (if you haven’t installed it yet), and start customizing it. It’s a sure thing that you will need a skill to do it. Isn’t it good to learn new skill?

What Kind of Paper is used for DVD Covers?

Although quality ‘daily’ papers are just fine to be used as colors, more often than not, people are opposing this idea. Hence, using a paper with higher quality is a recommended thing to do.

blu ray cover template template free psd

One example of better-quality paper is photo paper. You can use any of doff, glossy, or something in between (semi-glossy photo paper). Many opt to use semi-glossy photo paper as it is durable, even though it got splashed with water for a decent amount. The price is also cheaper.

What App Can You Use to Make DVD Covers?

Most people usually use image-editor application as it gives them more features to create the cover. However, if you are using a blu ray cover template, note that you need to use the template-friendly app.

Several apps that are commonly used for making a cover will include: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Don’t worry as if you have your own choice of app, you can go with it.

blu ray cover template customizable psd design template

Are you ready to customize your blu ray cover template? Try to customize the template as interesting as possible as it is a priceless memoir of your moments with the ones you loved.

blu ray cover template example psd design

Blu Ray Cover Template Sample

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