10+ Board Meeting Minutes Template

Board Meeting Minutes Template and Its Important Guide to Make It

If you are a secretary in an organization, using board meeting minutes template will be useful to you. This helps you since it is important to record any actions and decisions that the board of directors took during meetings. Here is the information that will help you to write the board meeting.

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How Do You Write Board Meeting Minutes?

You can write it easily as long as you understand what kind of requirements that should be put in the board meetings. Using a compelling board meeting minutes template will also help to record more structured minutes. Here is what usually included in meeting minutes:

  • Date of meeting
  • The call to order of the meeting
  • Names of participants and those who are absent
  • Additions to the current plan
  • Items that are going to be held over
  • Next plan and the new business
  • Time of next meeting

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What is Call to Order in Minutes of Meeting?

In a meeting, people have various kinds of topics that they need to cover in a limited amount of time. That’s why they need to present it formally and must stay on-topic throughout the meeting.

To keep the participants focused in a meeting, normally someone will say “calling it to order” when they are starting the meeting. It means everyone involved in the meeting must be ready and focused.

Should Board Minutes Be Signed?

There’s no requirement that the board minutes should be signed when it has already been done. As long as they record the actions in the meetings, this is not an obligation. However, this can differ for each country or organization.

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Usually, you can ask the directors to sign off the board minutes. Once it is signed, it becomes a legal document and can be used as evidence of facts as it is presumed to be a correct record.

What Should Be Excluded in Board Meeting Minutes?

In a meeting, you should focus and write down important points. However, there are several things you should not put in the minutes since it would affect its credibility.

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It’s important to avoid writing personal observations because you have to be neutral. You also shouldn’t write everything that the participants said since it will take a lot of time. Type what you think is important, but make a summary of it.

How Do I Correct Notes in Board Meeting Minutes?

When you’re not careful, you may make some mistakes. Sometimes, you’re too slow to record everything. Well, you can correct the mistakes by talking with your higher-ups or other colleagues. After that, reopen the document and correct the mistakes. Distribute the amended document after you correct it.

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Since every organization has a different approach on how to records their meetings, it’s important to discuss it with your board president beforehand about the formats. Ask for a copy of the previous meeting minutes, so you can understand more. Using board meeting minutes template will help you to be more organized.


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Board Meeting Minutes Template Sample

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