10+ Boarding Pass Template in Photoshop Free Download

Boarding Pass Template: Get the Suitable Design for the Form

The boarding pass is well known as a special ticket from the airline company. It is given usually to get on your flight. Yea, in this boarding pass template, you will know more about the kinds of the template that you may choose. Besides, the information of the printable boarding pass template also provides simple steps to design a boarding pass. So, let’s check them to get detailed information!

Boarding Pass Templates Free PSD

5 Top Kinds of the Boarding Pass Template

You must know that this kind of free PSD template offers 5 top kinds of the template. Do you want to check the kinds? Here are them.

  1. The template of simple boarding pass invitation

This first sample boarding pass template combines some nice colors for the background of the template. Those colors are white, Tosca, and a little yellow. For the components, there will be available for you the title, kind of ticket, and the company’s name. The others are the passenger’s name, origin seaport, destination seaport, ship, cabin, departure date and time, and boarding time.

Boarding Pass sample PSD Design

  1. The template of boat boarding pass invitation

What can you know about this free template in PSD? Yea, it applies the blue color for the background. Then, the important elements that you should write are the title, passengers’ name, date and time of the event, location, and passenger receipt.

Boarding Pass Templates Photoshop

  1. The template of boarding pass invitation

In the next template free PSD, what can you find? Well, there will be available for you some main aspects that you have to include. Those aspects are the title, kind of boarding pass, day and date of the event, location, contact number, email, webpage, and RSVP. In addition, the background of this template is cream.

Boarding Pass Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. The template of the boarding pass ticket wedding invitation

How about this boarding pass template sample? It looks so simple because of the background of this template white and light brown on the edge of the template. Moreover, do you know about the elements in this template? Exactly, there is the title, event date, passengers’ name, departure time, destination, RSVP, contact number, and email.

Boarding Pass Free Download PSD

  1. The template of flight boarding pass wedding invitation

Furthermore, the last top kind of the customizable PSD template will make the wedding more memorable. It will create a good impression for your guests. Even though the design is simple but it is attractive. For the components, it covers the flight, gate, from, to, seat number, date and time, and location of the event.

Boarding Pass Customizable PSD Templates

Steps to Design a Boarding Pass

Here are the steps to design a boarding pass in this PSD template free.

  1. Choose an airline ticket

You will need to have a ticket to follow.

  1. Write the information

Just think about the type of design that will you make so that you can write down the key information.

  1. Design the template

Then, this free download PSD allows you to design the boarding pass template to make it attractive.

  1. Print the template

Please use card stock paper to print your boarding pass template!

  1. Personalize the template

Here, you can add a simple design on the template.

Boarding Pass Free PSD Templates

That’s all about the boarding pass template printable. Just choose one of the samples that you want to use!


Boarding Pass Sample Template

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