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Book Review Template to Make a Remarkable Book Review

It is not a secret that book reviewing is a common assignment for a student. For some it may not be a burden at all, but what if you are still having any trouble with it? If that is what occurs to you, then making a book review with the help of a book review template will help you much. It will show you what aspects of the book must be included in the review.

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What Should Be Included in a Book Review?

There are several aspects you need to convey in a book review:

  • The summary of the book
  • A glimpse about the author’s background and the topic covered.
  • Your evaluation of the content written there.

When retelling the readers about the summary, make sure that your writing shows that you assume them to have not read the book. To be succinctly stated, make the summary help the readers know what’s inside the book as a whole.

How Do You Write a Book Review?

  • Begin the review by mentioning the book’s identity: title, author, author’s background, publisher, date of publishing, etc.
  • Give a short summary.
  • Tell your readers what are the upsides and downsides of the book – always make it balanced.
  • If you want, you can give the book your rating
  • Summarize your review in short sentence.

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What are the 4 Stages in Writing a Book Review?

Just like aforementioned, the four-stage in writing a book review can be summarized as follows:

  • Presenting the book
  • Giving a short summary or outlining the contents
  • Highlighting some remarkable parts of the book
  • Providing a detailed evaluation

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What is a Book Review Template?

A book review template is a tool to help you reviewing the book. The template will provide tables to fill in as part in completing the review.

This kind of template is like a guide helping you to write the review. So, you will need to prepare the content that you need to input according to the template.

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How Do You Start a Review?

In order to make a book review, you can use template then you need to do this procedure as follows:

  • Make sure you have read the book thoroughly. Write down your evaluations towards the book in a separate paper.
  • Now, try to find a book review template. Download one shortly after you’ve found one.
  • With a compatible computer program, open the template. Typical template for book review will need a word processor app to work with.
  • Now, put all of your prepared content for the book review on the template. Don’t forget to also include the identity of the book.
  • As you’ve competed filling in the tables with your review, you can save the edited template with a new file name. You can now submit the review online or simply print it before handing it in directly.

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So, that is how to make a book review with a book review template. With a template, you will be able to prepare your review better. Not only you’ll learn how to make it nicely, you’ll also get a good score from your teacher!


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Book Review Template Sample

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