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Tips to Use Bow Template to Make It More Stunning

You can use a bow to make your hair look more stunning. In this case, bow template will help you to make a design. It is easy to make and you can choose any type of style that you want. Check the information below to help you making a bow on your own.

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How Do You Make a Bow for Beginners?

For girls, hair appearance is important. That’s they often wear the accessories. If you want to make a bow by yourself, don’t worry since the steps to make it are very simple and easy.

  • First, you need to choose the style by using bow template as a reference.
  • Prepare the material, such as fabric or ribbon, and then cut it in a size that you think is perfect for your hair.
  • Make two loops or bunny ears then fold the left loop to the right side, and bring it around through the center hole. Pull them tight until they create a knot.

bow template psd template free

How Do You Make Bows with Template?

Well, you need the template and cutting machine. The machine usually has various kinds of designs to choose.

Choose the template and design as you want. By using the image editing software, edit the template and then use any color for the bow. The cutting machine will also help you to print the fabric or paper according to the design you already chose.

How Much Fabric Do You Need to Make A Bow?

You don’t need to use too much fabric because by only using a smaller size of fabric, you can make different kinds of bow. However, you should choose the proper fabric, so your bow will be strong and won’t be broken easily.

bow template template free psd

Consider using crisp cotton or quilting fabric. They will give the body and space to your bow. Moreover, avoid the thin or flimsy fabric since they are not strong enough to hold its shape.

How Do You Make A Bow Out of Fabric Without Sewing?

There are various alternative methods you can do to make a bow without sewing. After you fold the fabric, tie it using a piece of string to secure the center of your bow. In addition, you can also use glue. You just need to put it in several areas after you fold the fabric.

How Do You Make a Perfect Bow?

Using a bright color will make the bow look more colorful. Therefore, if you don’t like using a bright color, just choose any different tone that can bring accent. If you want to make a smaller bow, using ribbon will give you the proper size.

Furthermore, you can also put additional accessories. Putting some glitters on the bow will also make it more stunning, but don’t use it too much because it will look unnecessarily bright.

Using a bow template will surely help you determining what kind of design that fits to your need. It is the alternative and effective way, so you do not need to make the design from the scratch.

bow template example psd design bow template free download psd


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