10+ Box Template PSD Design Sample

Box Template PSD has Shorter Steps to use Freely

Talking about the box design emerges beyond the imagination. It is because it has many functions and the shapes are more than cube and long. The box template today that comes in PSD Photoshop brings a lot of unique shapes. This page undertakes this case to meet all necessaries of packages. Asks for your friends who need boxes in serving the clients or customers read this post. Let them see, choose, and take the sample box template PSD freely. Check it dot!

box template in photoshop free download

A lot of References for your Box Template PSD for many Businesses

Culinary is one of the businesses that need a box to serve the customers. It does when the buyer wants to take it home or the food court does not provide a space for eating. However, the box template printable here is not only for the food business. The following templates in Photoshop free download show many functions. Let’s see it:

  1. Cereal Box Design Template with Complete Information
  2. PSD Template Design for Playing Card Box Ideas
  3. Unique Box Photoshop Design Template in Triangle Shape
  4. Medium Box Template Free PSD for Gift
  5. Template for Rectangle Box Photoshop Ideas
  6. PSD Template Design of Tissue Box
  7. Meal Box Design in Photoshop Template Free
  8. Box for Business Card Template PSD
  9. Romantic Box in Heart-Shaped for Wedding or Spouse Gifts
  10. Pyramid-Shaped of Box Free Template in PSD

box template in photoshop

Well, find the other box designs for pizza, cardboard, cake, pillow-shaped, popcorn, and others. All box necessaries exist here in free downloading as well as excellent customizing. In this template, you just feel easiness and pleasant although you had just found this page.

box template in psd design

8 Steps of making Box in Illustrator using this Template

You get two options for using the box template sample! You can take the template and redesign it in Illustrator or any Photoshop software. The easiest way is by downloading, customizing, and printing in the right paper. If you like the long way where you feel it more detail, the customizable PSD template has 8 steps below. By the way, it is just for reminding the old way before finding this page:

  • Start from File

Well, you will use your “File” and find the “New from Template”.

  • Open Adobe Illustrator folder

Bring and inside it to your Adobe Illustrator also open the “Blank Template”

  • Continue on Boxes.ait

You have to select a part of “Boxes. ait by giving checkmark and go on “New”.

  • Find a new template

Okay, you create a new file here using three cartoon die lines existing on separated artboards.

  • Decide the deadline

Afterward, you must decide one of them based on your need and delete the rest in the Artboards Panel.

  • Layer panel

It guides to the Layer Panel to see two layers that have a die line on top.

  • Make the measurement

Change the dimension according to the need such as 3” x 8”, 6” x 8” x 3”, or just 6” x 8”.

  • Adjust the line and shape

The last step is to use the Direction Selection Tool as well as the Group Selection Tool. Here, the function is to adjust the line and the shape until you get what you want.

box template psd template free

It is quite long to make one box but the printable box template today truly makes everything easy. The template Photoshop work professionally by utilizing time and energy properly. Good luck!

box template template for photoshop


Box Template Sample

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