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Brand Book Template to Make Your Product Promotion Classier

A brand book is one thing that you might need in promoting your product. You can serve all products in form of images to attract customers. However, you have to arrange a brand book very neatly, so your customers can be more interested. The following are information about brand book template that might help you to create an amazing brand book.

brand book template free psd template

What Should a Brand Book Include?

Things you need to put in brand book template are divided into two ways. The first is the main elements that cannot be missed. They include the brand name, the picture, the variant, and the cost.

Then, the second is the complement things. They are not required to exist in a brand book. However, if you put it, your brand book can be more amazing. It includes the brand description, the logo, and the decoration.

How Do You Create a Brand Book Template?

First, you can hire a service for brand book editing. Usually, you just need to give your product photos and the information details about it. Then, the service will do the job for you.

brand book template psd template free

Second, use the templates that spread on the internet. Actually, this way is not really easy because you need to have editing skills even just a little. You have to insert the pictures of your product to the template by yourself. Then, you also have to do the process of exporting.

What Is the Size of a Brand Book?

Brand book have a lot of sizes. You can choose them based on your need. Commonly, the size is just standard like books in general. In addition, the paper of brand book is thick and not translucent. It makes the book thicker than the others. Moreover, the pages commonly are quite a lot.

brand book template template free psd

How to Design a Custom Brand Book by Computer Software?

When you want to design a custom brand book by software, of course the first thing to do is download the software. After that, edit the book page by page. You have to adjust the size first then edit the first page by the concept that you have make.

Next, do the same for the next pages. Usually, the book has one package concept for all of the pages. Therefore, it will be easier for you to do the next. You just need to use the same color and template then modify it.

Can I Make a Brand Book Template by Android?

You can make the template by android. However, you need a high-level android system as it will affect your work result. If you use standard OS, you might experience extreme lags because you will make many pages. In addition, you also might have blurry catalog images.

In making a brand book template, you need to do more effort to get a good result. Hopefully, the information above can help you in designing the brand book according to your need. Just use the ready-made templates if you want to save your time and budget.

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