Sample Bug Report Template

Bug Report Template: Report Any Bugs You Find

Today, you live in an era in which technology is necessary to support any business. In this matter, you will find some things related to technology. One of the important things in technology is a software or app. In the development of it, sometimes there come some bugs. Therefore, the bug report template is provided for you to report any bug you may find in certain apps. In addition, there are some elements of good printable bug report template which are important to know. You can follow the explanation below to know more about the elements.

Bug Report Template

Necessary Elements of Bug Report Template

When you use this template, it is possible for you to deal with several elements of it. Here they are.

  1. Certain bug number

A bug definitely has a number to analyze. When the detected bug has a specific number, you can certainly track it easily. The specific bug number here can be called the bug’s ID. This ID can be easily detected when the testers check it using their bug reporting software. When you find a number in the bug report, it means that the report can be categorized as the good one.

  1. Reproducible

An app that contains a bug should be reproducible. The process of reproducing a bug can ensure the testers that the specific bug comes from an error system. This condition also makes sure that the bug on the app really exists. So, you cannot say that it is just a random report.

Bug Report Form Template

  1. Detailed description

The good bug report template printable must have a detailed description of it. When the bug is described appropriately in a certain report, it will prevent wasting more time. Then, the description can be explained in a brief one. It does not need to have a long essay in the report. Also, a brief description of a certain bug will simplify the developer to visualize the existing problems.

Tips to Do before Creating a Sample Bug Report Template

Before writing a good report, there are several tips to do. After doing them, you will get a good bug report with well-ordered details. Here are the 3 best tips you can follow.

  1. Isolate the existing bug

First, you need to isolate the existing bug you find. In this first step, you need to make an attempt of reproducing the bug. Make sure that the bug should be reproducible. Thus, you can consider that the problem you find is truly a bug.

  1. Check the version

Second, you have to check for the version carefully. Try to always check the program which is being used. If you don’t check it, there will be a possibility that the bug of the app has been fixed in the new version. So, always check for the newest version.

  1. Check whether the bug is known

The last, you have to make sure whether the bug is identified or not. You need to do it since it will be confusing if there are duplicate bugs you find. That is what it is important to know for what the specific bug numbers are.

Bug Report Form Sample

Well, that is all about the bug report template sample you need to know. Do you want more samples to choose from? If so, browse some choices here.

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