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Customizable Bulletin Template on Word and Publisher

In addition to full-length written reports about specific events, shorter publications like bulletins can be utilized to demonstrate particular results or opinions on the issues. A bulletin template that is widely available in numerous platforms is a time-saving layout that will let you compose all the specific information regarding the upcoming or recent issue with no hassle.

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What is the Importance of a Bulletin?

Bulletin is a form of short publication that helps people to share information and promote involvement. It also makes communication easier. Both conventional and digital bulletins help people save time, keep them informed, and provide a wide range of purposes, from encouraging the readers to conveying important information about specific matters.

How Do You Create a Bulletin?

  • Determine the most crucial information to be told, such as the issue, date and time, venue, and any relevant details.
  • Make a short opening sentence that reveals explicitly what the issue is.
  • Include a call-to-action line after the opening sentence. Consider writing the line in the opening paragraph if you want to write other sentences before the call-to-action line.
  • Write other relevant information (date, time, place, etc.) briefly and clearly.
  • If the bulletin is about an event that convinces the reader to attend, consider writing additional information.
  • Include contact details just in case the readers of your bulletin have questions.

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Is There a Bulletin Template on Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the most convenient program to create a bulletin. Even it offers a range of templates with numerous designs. To use the template as your starting point, launch the program and select “New.”

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Go to the gallery, and select a category to view more templates or you can also search for more pre-set layouts online by typing “bulletin”. This way, you will get a number of choices you can select based on your preference.

How Do I Create Bulletin in Word?

To create a bulletin on Word, it is advisable to use a bulletin template you can get for free on the program or other platforms. But if you prefer using the ready-made layout on Word, here is how to use it:

  • Launch the program and click “File.”
  • Select the “New” option. You will find a gallery of layout categories from the Office’s official site on the middle window.
  • Select “Planners” or “Agendas” category to view a selection of picture links.
  • Click on the image link you find interesting to get a larger view in the right window.
  • Select the “Download” option, and the selected layout will be displayed on a new document.
  • Remove the existing text and type the text you want to input.
  • Customize other text columns based on the requirement and save the document.

How Do I Create a Bulletin on Publisher?

Apart from using Word, you can also use Publisher to create a bulletin with a template. Once you launch the program, simply click “Newsletters” on the list of Publication Types. Then, select the design that you want and start customizing it with all the information that must be told.

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A bulletin template is an ideal way to start making your own short publication. Not only is it saving time, but it also gives you an existing format of a bulletin.

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Bulletin Template Sample

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