5+ Business Continuity Plan Template

Business Continuity Plan Template to Reduce the Risk and Increase Your Chances in Business

Business continuity plan contains strategies to reduce the impact and risk of disasters for a business. This’s very necessary to increase opportunities and continuities of a company. Therefore, it must be very well organized and serious. The following is information about the business continuity plan template.

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What Is a Business Continuity Plan Template?

This template is a tool to describe and explain the business continuity of a company. Not all workers can make and use it. Usually, it is the manager who has the authority to make this business plan.

How Do You Write a Business Continuity Plan?

In making a business continuity plan, seriousness and analytical skills are needed. Therefore, how to make it divided into two main ways: analysis and determination.

Since it relates to the future of company, there are several things that must be analyzed. This will become the basis for determining the company’s continuity. The analysis that must be done is included in the area and scope of work, business independence, business functions, and the critical functions.

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After conducting the analysis, the results will be obtained regarding the current condition of the company. There, you have to make a determination plan. There are two possible determinations that must be accepted, namely the time to stop or maintain the operation.

In creating a template for business continuity plan, you also must do these two main things. Furthermore, you can make it a framed plan, and then run the plan.

What Is Included in Business Continuity Plan?

The contents that must be in this business plan are as follows:

  • Identification of the company.
  • Company documentation.
  • Planning team.
  • Future management plan.

The following templates can also be used for:

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What Are the Four Main Steps of the Business Continuity Planning Process?

There are also four main steps in business continuity plans that are commonly used by large companies as templates. These are considered by professionals as steps that provide youth in planning the future of company. However, these steps are the phases whose implementation must be adjusted to the circumstances of the company.

  • The first is Initial response. It’s about the company’s initial response plan to business disruption.
  • The second is the relocation phase. This relates to resources and mobilization.
  • The third is the recovery phase. It is known as restoration phase, namely the replacement of facilities.

Are Goals Must Include in a Business Continuity Plan Template?

The existence of business continuity plan must be based on a certain goal. Usually, the goal is to avoid damage or trouble for organization in order to keep it up and running. However, you don’t have to write in detail about these goals on your company’s continuity template because all of them are self-explanatory.

A business continuity plan is not only created when a company is weak or threatened. However, it must also be made even though the company is prosperous. Use the business continuity plan template, so you can all details together very neatly.

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