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When you are looking for a business impact analysis template, chances are great that you are someone working in a company and asked to analyze the business, including the risk and impact. For those who are given that particular task but have no idea about how to proceed, there are several helpful tips here, including the templates for the report as well.

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What Is Business Impact Analysis Template?

The template is the premade document for the report. As expected in a template, it has everything that you need to fill out, like the information about the business and the charts. Using templates, you just have to add information and not to concept them.

What Is A Business Impact Analysis?

Business Impact Analysis or often shorten as BIA is the report to assess the potential of the impact produced by the business. It is including the impact to the surrounding economic situation of the business up to the local community. This report is really useful for those planning to expand their business.

business impact analysis template free download word

How Do You Create an Impact Analysis Document?

Excel is indeed an excellent tool to create any reports. You can find a lot of templates of this kind of report written in Excel format. If you use the business impact analysis template in Excel, then all you need to do is just opening the template and edit them by adding in the numbers and the charts or probably a few supporting pictures on the document.

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How Do You Write A Business Impact Analysis?

The report is written by adding several elements into them. Usually, in BIA or the business impact analysis, the elements provided there are including:

  • The impact of the business to the economic rate of its surrounding
  • The business’ profits and loss and its impact to the overall financial situation
  • The risk possessed by the business and the impact of the risk.

What Is the Difference Between Business Impact Analysis And Risk Assessment?

A lot of people are quite confused when they are looking at BIA and then they are looking at risk assessment. However, there is a huge difference between the two. BIA is mostly done AFTER the business the running for quite sometimes. On the contrary, risk assessment is always done BEFORE the business is even starting.

How to Make Business Impact Analysis Template?

To make the template, you have to prepare the spaces to add the detailed information about the BIA elements, just like explained above. To avoid complications, you should really use the template here as they are pre-made and you do not have to start from the very beginning.

You do not have to make anything from nothing when you use templates. Templates are just like a very helpful hand as you can use it all the time. You just have to add details and the needed information for the report and you will pretty much be done with them. This is the reason why a lot of people are counting on the business impact analysis template to help them make the report.


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