10+ Business Letterhead Template

Business Letterhead Template: Knowing the Form Design

Hello, great businessmen! Do you hold any certain business? If the answer is true, it is a must for you to have a business letterhead template. Commonly, the design of your business letterhead will tell your work. Moreover, to get more information about the designs of this printable business letterhead template, you should pay attention to the information below. There will be available for you some different designs of the templates.

Business Letterhead Template 7

4 Types of the Business Letterhead Template

Here are 4 types of the template that you can choose. Let’s check them in the following information on the template free PSD!

  1. The template of business letterhead

What can you infer with the first sample business letterhead template? In this white background, you may add the logo of your company on the top left side. Besides, you can also insert your logo in the center of the template. Then, for the letterhead, you can place it on the top right side of the template. In addition, the letterhead includes the business name, complete address, phone number, fax, email address, and website.

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  1. The template of basic business office letterhead

In this second free PSD template, you need to know that this letterhead template also applies white color for the background. Then, what about the logo of your company? Yea, you may place it on the top left side in square black background. For the letterhead, where can you write? You can place it on the top right side of the template. Furthermore, this letterhead contains the business name, street address, city name, phone number, and fax number. For the website, you can find it in the bottom middle of the template.

Business Letterhead Template 9

  1. The template of black and white business letterhead

How about this free template in PSD? Yea, based on the name, this kind of template is available in black and white. The black color is for the letterhead and the white one is for the background of the template. In the letterhead, you will see some important elements like the business name and the complete address of the company.

Business Letterhead Template 10

  1. The template of creative business letterhead

The next business letterhead template sample is also available in white background. However, there is a little decoration on the right corner of the template. Actually, it is like colorful bubbles that will make this template look more interesting. Then, on the top left side, you will see the name of the company.

Business Letterhead Template 1

Importance of the Template of Business Letterhead

The following information will show you the importance of using this customizable PSD template. Are you curious about them? Just give your best attention!

  1. Communicate in the business world

This first importance tells that this free download PSD template will be used to communicate in the business world. It can be notices, invoices, letters, and job letters.

Business Letterhead Template 2

  1. Used in documents

It means that many businessmen use this letterhead in documents inside the business. They are such as the cover letters, minutes of meetings, and internal communication between departments.

Business Letterhead Template 4

  1. Used for business’ website

Last, this PSD template free is used for the business’ website. It is because, at present, the fastest way is to communicate through online communication.

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It is the information of the business letterhead template printable. Just apply it well!


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