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Excel Your Business Plan and Impress Investors using Business Plan PowerPoint Template

It is not a secret that things may not go as planned, but still – in terms of starting a business, plan is essential. With a structured plan, you will know what should be listed down in order to keep the business away from harsh ‘turbulence’ or even worse: a bankruptcy. Do you need a business plan PowerPoint template to help you prepare excellent slides? Better you read this before downloading one.

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How Do You Prepare a Business Plan?

It’s best to prepare a business plan far before you decide to make a business, for example, 6-12 months pre-launching day. It may take longer, but remember, consistency is hard. You may find your team got tired if the objective set isn’t clear. Hence, you need to frequently conduct brainstorming with the team while taking the steps to establish your business,                                          

What are 4 Types of Business Plans?

  • Operational planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical planning
  • Contingency planning

To make a great business plan, these 4 types should be known to you. Not only that, you need to make planning for each item as well.

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What are the 5 Elements of a Business Plan?

In order to excel your business plan, you need to analyze these aspects below and include it into your business plan proposal or presentation.

  • Situation analysis

It is a must that you’re required to make an objective evaluation about your surrounding; what can be made with the condition. The better you assess your surrounding and look for a ‘hole’, the higher chance you get a new business idea.


  • Setting objectives

What does your business intend to cover? Does it solve the problem you found in #1? Business is made in order to solve problems. Hence, you’d do better if you have a clear objective too stand on.


  • Position your product/service

Now that you know the problem and the objective, the next step is to invent a product/service for your business. The term ‘invent’ doesn’t always mean you need to make something new; it can be a modification and innovation from previous successors as well.


  • The market

Business without markets is nothing. It means you need to find the targeted markets for the project you are going to do.


  • Strategy

To be put succinctly, in this section you should explain how you will introduce your business to the targeted market.

How Do You Create a Business Plan in PowerPoint?

Aside from making from scratch, to create a business plan you can employ a business plan template that is suitable for PowerPoint. That will help you create it easily as you’ll only need to add a few things.

How Do I Make an Office Template in PowerPoint?

It’s pretty easy. Launch your PowerPoint app and then click ‘Open’. Browse for the business plan PowerPoint template you’ve just downloaded.

You can start customizing the template now. Input anything you need, like graphs, tables, images, and texts. Once you’ve done editing the template, you can save the file right away or saving it with a new name.

Now you know how to create your business plan slides using a business plan PowerPoint template. What’s left to wait? You should go to get an investor (or many!) to fund your business by creating a great presentation slide.


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