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Download Calendar Mockup Template for Free

A calendar mockup template is often used to make prototype of example of the real thing. If you need one, probably you are planning a presentation or a product launching in the near future. There are several things you need to know about the mockup and the template. Make sure you read the information below before downloading the templates.

calender mockup template free psd template

What Is Calendar Mockup Template?

The template is like the pre-made calendar design for you to use. It contains all the date and format. All you need to do is the pictures and other additional decorations for the calendar. It is going to create a stunning looking calendar for sure.

What is A Mockup in Design?

When it comes to mockup and you are working in designing industry, mockup can be defined as a sample of a real product. However, these products are not released yet and it is like the prime example. The design is printed or made just like how the way it would be. Then, it is going to be presented to the board member of the company or to any supervisors.

calender mockup template psd template free

What is Mockups Used for?

In the world of design, or any type of business apparently, a mockup is used to present or to show to limited amount of people about the finished product of something. So, it is basically like displaying a prototype of a new product before it is being released publicly. If you need one for calendar, surely you can get calendar mockup template here by selecting one of them.

calender mockup template template free psd

What Are Mockup Calendar Types?

Just like any types of calendar, there are several types of them for the mockups, they are including:

  • Wall calendar
  • Tent calendar
  • Folding calendar
  • Table calendar

What Are the Best App to Make Mockup Calendar?

Making mockup calendar can be done using so many app. However, among all, Photoshop and Corel Draw is the most common one. Photoshop being the most frequently used one because it seems like everyone is capable in using the app. Of course, the calendar can be made using other apps, like Canva or PicsArt, if you are using mobile phone or tablet for designing.

How Do I Make Mockup Calendar?

You should be able to make the mockup calendar easily if you have downloaded the template. Pick the template in the format that you think you can handle. In suggestion, pick PSD template so that you should be able to open them on Photoshop. After that, edit the calendar in Photoshop by adding pictures and information below the dates. The last step will be the printing stage.

Now you know exactly what mockup is and what it is like for a calendar. Instead of designing the whole thing from the start, which can take a long time to complete, use templates. All the templates are just pre-made and ready to use. This is why by using the calendar mockup template; you can make the calendar quick and easy.

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