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How to Use Calendar of Events Template to Create a Great Event Calendar

Calendar of event, or probably more popular to be called as an event calendar, is a common document in our daily lives. It is widely used in public places, as it is usually used in order to announce a set of date and time when an event takes place. Some people may upload it online to reach broader audiences. But, how is to make this calendar? You can make it manually, or to get a quicker result, you can rely on a calendar of events template. No need to be caught on hassle – just input your events and you’re ready to go!

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What is Calendar of Event?

It is a list of events which is written in order to list down any events that will occur in a month. More often than not, it is made in order to publicize a routinely-held event.

How Do You Use Calendar Events?

Usually, a calendar of event is made in monthly or yearly basis. To use a calendar event, you should list down what events are going to be held within that certain period. Then, make a calendar event – whichever method is fine.

Once you have your calendar, input the data you have prepared before. Make sure to make the writing clear. If needed, you may add some ornaments to beautify the calendar you just made.

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After you reached this step, review your calendar for any data wrongly input. You may have someone to do a cross-check with the data you prepared before and to rectify the calendar if there are any mistakes. Save the file afterwards and if you wish, you may print it as well.

How Do I Make a Calendar of Events?

In order to make a calendar of event, you can do it using two methods:

  • Making it manually
  • Using a template

Both ways will require you to have tables resembling a calendar at the end. But, with a calendar of events template, you don’t have to draw tables anymore – you only need to input the data to your template file, review it and you got it finished!

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Does Ms. Word have a Calendar Template?

Yes, there is such calendar of events template in Word. There are many other kinds of templates, such as .pdf or .xls. While an .xls template can be edited or customized by using a spreadsheet app, a .pdf template is usable if printed. Or, use it with a word-processor only if you’ve converted the file into a .doc/.docx file type.

What App Can I Use to Make a Calendar?

Since you can make it manually and using a template, the majority of calendar of events are made using Office applications, for example, a word processor app or a spreadsheet app. Each app has its own features, pros, and cons.

Let’s say, if you are using a word-processor app in order to make the calendar of events, the user interface is much easier than making it with a spreadsheet app. Moreover, there are lots of people who are more accustomed to use a word-processor than using a spreadsheet app.

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Lastly, it’s undeniable that using a spreadsheet app to edit a calendar of events template is way easier since you don’t have to make tables anymore. However, the controls are pretty different than that in word-processors. Plus, as mentioned earlier, the user-interface is not that common for some people.

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Calendar of Events Template Sample

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