10+ Candy Bar Wrapper Template PSD Design Sample

Candy Bar Wrapper Template: The Attractive Design for Packaging

Do you work in the candy industry? Are you in a candy bar wrapper part? If all of the answers are true, you should create a candy bar wrapper template. To make the packaging looks more interesting, you have to be able to attract the consumers’ interest. You can do it by designing the printable candy bar wrapper template with the best and perfect performance. In the following information, you can find some types of designs that you can be a reference to make it.

candy bar wrapper in psd design

4 Main Types of the Candy Bar Wrapper Template

Exactly, this kind of template has 4 main types of the free PSD template that you can apply. Do you want to recognize those types? Here they are.

  1. The template of candy bar wrapper

The first sample candy bar wrapper template is used for MAC. This kind of template uses light Tosca for the background. To create a beautiful background, you may add a white ribbon on the template. Then, for the components, it contains the title, ingredients, nutritional facts, amount or serving, and others.

candy bar wrapper psd templates

  1. The template of mini candy bar wrapper

In this second template free PSD, you will know that it is for cereal bar roasted. The wrapper of this candy bar has a light brown color for the background. You can also add the pictures of roasted in the right and left side of the template. Then, the elements that you have to include are the name of the candy bar and kind of the candy bar.

candy bar wrapper psd

  1. The template of chocolate bar wrapper mockup

How about this free template in PSD? Exactly, the wrapper of this chocolate bar is a dark green color. Then, for the name of the product, you can write it at the top of the wrapper. In the center of the wrapper, there is a kind of chocolate and the production country. In addition, don’t forget to add the picture of the chocolate at the bottom side of the wrapper!

candy bar wrapper templates psd

  1. The template of ladybug birthday party wrappers

In the next candy bar wrapper template sample, what can you infer with it? You need to know that the background of this wrapper template applies red color with small black dots. If you want to make this wrapper looks more creative, it allows adding the picture of a ladybug on the left front side. Then, on the right front side, just write the person’s birth date and the person’s name! So, for the backside of the wrapper, you may include the thanks statement.

candy bar wrapper templates for photoshop

Tips to Use the Template of Candy Bar Wrapper

There are some main tips that you should recognize when you use this PSD template free. Just follow them in the information below!

  1. Available in various sizes

This free download PSD template is available online in various sizes. So, please choose one of them based on the bar size!

candy bar wrapper customizable psd design templates

  1. Choose the wedding wrappers

It means that you may choose the customizable PSD template of candy bar wrapper for a wedding that lets you upload pictures. You can do it if you want to make a more special theme.

candy bar wrapper psd templates

Well, that’s all about the candy bar wrapper template printable. Just choose the type based on your need!

Candy Bar Wrapper Template Sample

candy bar wrapper example psd design candy bar wrapper in photoshop candy bar wrapper in photoshop