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Using Car for Sale Sign Template to Help Making a Sign Real Quick

Are you planning to sell your car? Well, you need a ‘for sale’ sign so people who pass by your car know that you are selling it. However, you probably don’t have any idea how to make one. It’s actually simple – one of the tricks is to download a car for sale sign template aside from making the sign yourself. By making your for sale sign yourself, you can cut the expenses to make the sign easily.

car for sale sign template free psd template


How Do You Make a Car for Sale Sign?

To write a for sale sign, then it is safe to start it by determining the price of your car – because it means nothing if you sell the car without knowing how much the car costs. Then, have a print of ‘for sale’ sign. You can also have order a metal ‘for sale’ sign instead of merely printing it on a paper.

While writing this ‘for sale’ sign, you should write basic information such as:

  • ‘For sale’ sign itself;
  • The car’s brand, year, and type
  • The price
  • Contact information

Is It Illegal to Put a For Sale Sign on Car?

No, it is not illegal. In general, there are no such regulations like that – hence you can freely put the ‘For sale’ sign on any spots of your car. After all, the car is yours.

car for sale sign template psd template free


What Information is Needed when Selling a Car?

While selling a car, you should provide information as written below:

  • A detailed description of the car itself
  • List the price and its availability for negotiation
  • Explain why you are selling that car
  • Show how far is the mileage
  • If any, show any modifications made to the car to sell
  • If any, provide any warranty information
  • Lastly, provide an honest evaluation about the car’s condition.

car for sale sign template template free psd


How Much is a For Sale Sign?

Not all ‘For sale’ sign is priced equal. So, there is no such figure of all-same price for ‘For sale’ sign.

But if we have to state a price, then it is safe if you prepare at least $16 for making a ‘For sale’ sign. Note that there are various features you can expect from a sign: different size, stand availability, and different material of stand (normally they offer plastic or metal stand).

How to Make for Sale Sign using a Template?

If you plan to just make the ‘For sale’ sign printed on a paper, then you can use a car for sale sign template to quickly create the sign. Well, making the sign from scratch is not at al energy-demanding – but if you are too lazy even to lift a finger, getting a template should help in order to make this sign.

You need to download a car for sale template beforehand if you desire to use it to make your sign. After some customization, you can print on a paper and stick it on your window.


Aside from making a sign by using a car for sale sign template to make a printed sign, you can also put an ad online. This is will higher your chance of getting your car sold faster. Hence, you can collect the money and use is as you planned.


car for sale sign template example psd design car for sale sign template free download psd



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