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Catering Menu Template: Attract Your Customers with Perfect Design

Hello everyone! Do you have a business in food catering? If the answer is true, you should have a catering menu template. It is because by making this kind of menu template, it will make the customers easier to choose their desire menu. Besides, it is also one of the good preparations for starting your catering business. Well, to get the samples of the printable catering menu template, please pay attention to the following ones!

catering menu PSD Flyer Templates

4 Mainly Used Samples of the Catering Menu Template

You need to know that this kind of menu template offers 4 samples that are mainly used. What are they? Here are the samples of the free PSD template.

  1. The template of the catering menu

In this sample catering menu template, you will see that it is like a bifold template. It is because there are two pages that you can use for writing everything related to catering. The first page is usually for writing the kinds of menu. There are 7 menu options and their prices that you can choose. Then, for the second page, you can add some various pictures of restaurants or cafes.

catering menu PSD Templates Free

  1. The template of special food menu flyer

What about this second free template in PSD? Yea, on the first page, you can write your restaurant name, the title of menu, opening date and time, and some delicious food pictures. Then, on the second page of the template, what can you find? There will be the kinds of the menu that you can choose based on your desire. It is available on the menu of appetizer, dessert, and beverage. Don’t forget to add the price of each menu!

catering menu sample PSD Design

  1. The template of sarpinos catering menu

Then, what can you infer with this free download PSD template? You will see the name of your catering and the pictures of tasteful foods on the front page. Then, on the next page, there will be kinds of menu options and the prices of each menu. In addition, you can also add offered services from your catering.

catering menu Templates Free PSD

  1. The template of the catering menu in white

The other catering menu template sample uses white color for the background of the template. There will be three pages that you can use in this template, so it is like a trifold template. Here, it allows you to write kinds of menu like breakfast, Java boxes, meat trays, wrap platters, sandwich platters, boxed lunch, and soup. There are also appetizers, salads, specialty caters, and sides.

catering menu Templates Photoshop

Importance of Making the Template of Catering Menu

You should recognize that there is two importance of making this template free PSD. So, let’s check them out!

  1. Show the menu

The first importance of making this PSD template free is that you can show the food menu. It is that you will present and offer to your customers.

catering menu Customizable PSD Design Templates

  1. Allow choosing the menu

By providing this customizable PSD template, the customers can choose what menu that they want easily.

catering menu Customizable PSD Templates

That is the source of the catering menu template printable. It can be helpful for a caterer who wants to design the menu template.

Catering Menu Sample Template

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