Catering Receipt Sample Template

Catering Receipt Template: Getting to Know the Payment of Food Ordered

Hello everyone! What can you infer about a catering receipt template? Actually, it is a kind of template that is created by a catering service provider for the client. It is used as proof of the payment in ordering food. In other words, the printable catering receipt template provides receipts for partial payment of the clients. Then, in this following information, you are allowed to find some samples of this receipt template. So, let’s check them out in detail!

Sample Catering Acknowledgement

6 Samples of the Catering Receipt Template

This kind of receipt template offers 6 samples of the template that are commonly used. What are those main samples? Here they are.

  1. The receipt template of food catering

In this template, there are some elements like the title, mailing address, physical address, owner information, confirmed date, and confirmed guests.

  1. The template of catering acknowledgment

This sample catering receipt template tells the acknowledgment of receipt of addenda form. It covers technical proposal due date, name of the proposer, RFP number, RFP for, signature, name printed, title, and date.

  1. The template of catering services

What about this catering template? It shows the catering invoice that contains the phone, number of guests, ordered by name, department, today’s date, and name of the event. There are also the delivery dates, delivery location, food requested, person confirming, interoffice mail address, and service charge summary.

  1. The template of printable catering

It also consists of some elements. They are company name, address, telephone, name ordered, department, today’s date, delivery date, event’s name, delivery location, service requested, and charge summary.

  1. The template of official catering

In this template, you will find the elements of bill to, deliver to, quantity, description, unit price, and total. There are also the signature, administrator approval, and budget approval.

  1. The template of free catering receipt

How about this catering receipt template sample? It includes the title, company name, delivery address, email, phone, delivery date, special instructions, credit card number, and total.

Sample Catering Receipt Template

4 Easy Steps to Write the Receipt Template of Catering

To create this kind of template, you are suggested to follow these steps below. Are you curious about those steps? If it is so, please pay attention to this information carefully!

  1. List down the price

The first step that you have to do is making sure that all the prices that you list down are accurately placed. It should beside the items that the clients ordered.

  1. Organized catering receipt

Then, you have to make your catering receipt as well and organized as you can. In this case, you are suggested to make subheading for the prices, food items, additional catering services, and others.

  1. Complete details format

What does it mean? In this step, you need to make the format of your catering receipt in complete detail. It will be needed by the clients so please make them understand the catering receipt well.

  1. Depends on both parties

Here, when you make a catering receipt, it should depend on you and the decision of the client. So, you have to agree with each other to list down the items ordered.

It is about the catering receipt template printable that you can understand. You can apply it to your catering business.

Catering Receipt Sample Template

Sample Catering Services Sample Food Catering Sample Official Catering Sample Printable Catering


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