10+ CD Cover PSD Flyer Template

CD Cover Template: Design CD Cover Attractively

A cover has a big role to both beautify and protect the CD. Without cover, you may get difficulties to recognize the CD for its content. Considering its role, you can use CD cover template to make a great cover for every CD you have. Then, this printable cd cover template is also suitable for you who sell various kinds of CD. With it, you can create various covers with your favorite design that you find from this PSD template free. Are you curious to see a few samples? Just follow the explanation below.

CD cover Free Templates in PSD

Kinds of the Most Suggested CD Cover Template for You

If you want to get the most suggested template to design your CD cover, here are the best choices for you. Let’s check them out.

  1. Branding style

What do you think of this template? Well, you need to know that it is a professional template free PSD that provides multiple stocks of image. Besides, you will also find scalable layouts in this template. So, for you who need to design a CD cover with attractive designs, this template can be the first choice for you.

CD cover PSD Flyer Templates

  1. Classy wedding

Some people may save their video of the wedding party on a CD. When the CD container has no cover and is grouped with other CDs, it must be difficult to find it. Thus, you can design a CD cover for such a CD with this free download PSD template. It is completed with a few choices of interesting images and smart object inclusions. Thus, you can design a good-looking cover with this CD cover template printable.

CD cover Templates Free PSD


  1. Day sleeper

A day sleeper is a free PSD template that has small and big stickers. You can make use of it for personal and professional matters. With this template, you will also get benefit to modify the dimension of the CD cover based on your taste. Also, this template is completed with varied stock images and various color schemes.

CD cover sample PSD Design

  1. 3D play

This free template in PSD lets the designers have free font sets to easily design the CD cover. Another benefit you will get from this template is the existence of an illustrator and EPS that will simplify you while designing the cover. Also, you can find customizable layers in this template.

CD cover Templates Photoshop

  1. Recording artist

Do you need to make a CD cover for an artist? If so, this customizable PSD template is the best solution for you. This template is very suitable to design an artist CD cover since it contains a cleaner layout. This matter is useful to give a modernized appearance of the cover’s look. Besides, it also has essential selections of color and 11 Photoshop files to help you create beautifully contemporary CD cover.

CD cover PSD Flyer Templates

Benefits of Using Sample CD Cover Template

When you decide to use some kinds of this template, you will get benefits as follows.

  1. Get a new idea to design a cover

With the layout and other matters provided by a certain template, it will be easy for you to get a new idea. Thus, you can more quickly decide what the CD cover will be like.

CD cover Templates Photoshop

  1. Simplify the designers to design a cover

With all elements in each template, it will of course simplify any designers while creating a new CD cover.

CD cover Free Download PSD

CD cover Free PSD Templates

Well, that is all you need to know about CD cover template sample. Get some kinds of this template here if you want.