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Certificate of Authenticity Template and Design Tips for Artists

In order to validate the authenticity of works of art, many professional artists use certificates. It can also be used to reduce the possibility of the arts being stolen. A certificate of authenticity template generally includes information about the work and its relevant details, including the title, the name of the artist, time and date the art is made, and dimensions.

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Do I Need a Certificate of Authenticity?

No artist can predict when their job would come to an end. However, with a well-made authentication certificate, your career is safe as it will help the collectors to trace the origin of your work and show that it is an original piece. In this regard, the importance of your work can be significantly improved by having a certificate.

certificate of authenticity template in photoshop

Where Can I Get a Certificate of Authenticity?

An authentication certificate is generally issued by the creator themselves. In some cases, the artist’s agent, art dealer, or publisher can also handle such documents. If you plan to make one yourself but have no idea how to start off, a certificate of authenticity template that you can find on the internet will be of help.

How to Choose a Template of Authentication Certificate?

  • Make sure the template is in A4
  • Available in two different orientations (landscape and portrait)
  • Comes in CMYK color palette and 300 DPI
  • Compatible with many design programs

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What Should be Included in a Certificate of Authenticity?

  • The artist’s name: It might be the certificate’s author as well. However, if it’s not the artist who creates the certificate, anyone who makes it should include their full name, contact details, and their relation to the creator. It’s usually the artist’s agent, art dealer, or any professional in the field.
  • Location of the certificate author: This should be included so that the certificate can be traced.
  • The full title of the work and its completion date.
  • The materials and media used to create the artwork: This is valuable as it helps the creator to protect the work.
  • An image of the piece: This is important as it can be used to compare the original artwork to the fake one.
  • The dimensions: If it’s a framed art, there will be two types of dimensions that should be included in the COA. The first is the work’s dimensions. The second one is the frame and the artwork.
  • The creator’s original signature and stamp: Both should be included in any type of copyright document.

How Do I Create a Certificate of Authenticity?

Include all the essential and additional information about the artwork. These include all the details have mentioned above. Make sure to create a numbering pattern for your certificate if you want to sell a lot of artworks. If you are the second party who creates the certificate, make sure to include the artist’s copyright statement.

Then, consider adding detailed instructions regarding how to preserve the artwork as it will be highly appreciated by the buyer. If you plan to create more than one COA, consider using a template and use high-quality paper to print them out.

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A COA is not mere a paper; it’s a great addition to your artwork. Thus, you should be creative in editing the certificate of authenticity template so that it looks professional but also aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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Certificate of Authenticity Template Sample

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