10+ Certificate of Participation Template

The Certificate of Participation Template and Examples

A certificate of participation template is downloaded mostly by those running an event, like seminar, competition, classes, presentation and many more. This kind of certificate is given to the participants to appreciate their participation to the event. So, basically everyone will get this certificate just by attending or showing up to the event. Some templates are available to be downloaded below.

certificate of participation template free word template

What Is Certificate of Participation Template?

The templates are those pre-made designs to create a certificate. It can be easily used to make certificate for appreciation or participation, according to your need. It is highly editable and printable at the end, so you can use it with ease.

How Can I Make A Certificate Online For Free?

The certificate of participation template is basically available everywhere and that is how you can make them online. The template should be edited first using anything you like, including Photoshop, and then you just have to print them later on. Legitimize the certificate using the signature of the person in charge for the event and soon you will be done with it.

certificate of participation template template for word

What Is The Use Of Participation Certificate?

The use of certificate of participation is basically to have a physical proof that someone has been attending an event. In many cases, attending seminar or presentation is required as one of the conditions to follow up a degree or something else, academically. So, you really need this kind of certificate to show everyone that you did attend the event.

certificate of participation template template free word

How Do I Write A Certificate Of Participation?

There are several things that you can write down on the certificate. They are:

  • The name of the participant
  • The certificate number
  • The name and detailed about the event/occasion, including time and date
  • The name of the certificate’s giver.
  • Their signature

certificate of participation template in word

How Do You Write A Certificate Of Participation On A Resume?

You do not really have to write the certificate on your resume. However, if your resume is listing some of the trainings or seminars you have been attending, you will have to include the certificate anyway. The best way to include them is just by writing the certificate’s number on the resume or, you can scan the certificate and attach it on the resume.

Is There A Certificate Of Participation Template In Microsoft Word?

Word does have templates for certificate but not specifically for the participation one. You can find those templates when opening a new document. Type in “certificate’’ in the search box and then you will be able to find numerous templates for certificates. Choose one and use it to make the certificate of participation.

certificate of participation template in word design

Instead of making your own certificate, which can take up hours to make, you can certainly use the help of template. Template is free to get and they are pretty much done. All you have to do is adding logo, name, and signature and that is pretty much all about it. Using the certificate of participation template, you can make plenty of them under an hour.

certificate of participation template in word free download

Certificate of Participation Template Sample

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